Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teaser Tuesday


“What happened to my ginger?  Your eyes are silver, your hair the same.  I heard you tried to kill yourself.” 
Paimon squeezed his eyes shut, unable to keep from crying.  “I did not want to live.  I still do not.  I will wake from this and despair again for not having you!” 
Furcas nipped his nose.  “Despair not for I am here and you are awake.”
Paimon shook his head.  “Please do not turn this into a nightmare.  Please do not give me hope when none should exist.  This is not possible.” Furcas wrapped his arms around Paimon and held his head.  
“I am the Archangel of Hope.  I can do naught else but give that.” 
Paimon pressed both hands into Furcas’ chest, pushing and pulling.  “Please do not torture me, figment.”  He inhaled deeply, Furcas’ scent like a drug.  His teeth scraped across Furcas’ neck.  “Do not put me through this again, I cannot lose you twice.” Furcas kissed his cheek. 
“But torture you I must.  With pleasure perhaps?”  He kissed Paimon’s chest.  “Something familiar?”  He kissed his stomach.  “Something tangible for proof that I am here?”  He kicked blankets off the bed.  “What will show you?”  He hooked a finger in the waistband of Paimon’s boxers.  “That I am no daydream.”  Furcas tore the cloth off.

That definitely was steamy! This is really a fantastic series I think all fans of Fever or just UF in general will love! There's plenty of action and enough sexy males to make you swoon!!


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