Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

This is a post started by Sue over at Satin's Bookish Corner
We'll gush and  fawn over our most beloved characters out of our absolute favorite books.
If any of you who run blogs would like to join in and do a post on your blogs with your favourite book people let us know and we'll leave a link at the bottom of each post every week telling our followers to pop on over and check it out. and at the end of your post if you could do the same for us.

There is an episode of the T.V. show friends where they each make a "Freebie List". A list of five celebrities that if you were ever given the chance,you could sleep with anyone on that list, with no repercussions. I have a similar list of my favorite male characters called "If you were real, I'd make you my sex slave" or " If you were real, we'd all move to Utah and get married and live in a commune".
Listed from 5 to 1 ( 1 being my absolute fave ), here's MY list of freebies..........:

5. Bill and/or Eric from Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood - I realize this is a bit of a cop-out in not choosing one or the other. The problem is I love Bill more in the books. However, Eric in True Blood is quite yummy. Ergo, I'll take either.....
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4. John Pritkin from The Cassandra Palmer Series - This is a lesser known series but one of my absolute favorites. Cassandra Palmer can communicate with spirits and has had an ongoing steamy relationship with vampire Mircea   ( yummy ). Her good friend , John Pritkin, the serious, talented mage who has saved her life on many occasions, and has a fierce following among Karen Chance fans, has some brooding sex appeal. Pritkin has an intense chemistry with Cassandra that can't be ignored. He's a selfless, brave and funny hottie who I hope will finally make a major play for Cassandra in the next book.
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3. Curran from The Kate Daniels Series - Oh, Curran, you magnificent king of a man. Curran is the ultimate alpha. A Were-Lion who heads all the clans in the futuristic Atlanta area. I adore his relationship with Kate Daniels and he is the ONLY man strong enough to go toe to toe with her. Their banter is some of the best I have ever read and they are completely made for each other.
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2. Jericho Z. Barrons from The Fever Series - Okay, I realize this is a gimme. Barrons is on EVERYONE'S list and David Gandy is everyone's quintessential Jericho. But look at him, Jesus Christ, had to include him.
Photobucket008 obj1309459150440tmb480

1. Terrible from The Downside Series- For anyone who has read this series you are competely aware of the magnificence that is Terrible. Everyone knows him by that name alone. I'm not sure if he even has a last  name ( Smith? ). What he lacks for in pretty boy good looks he more than makes up for with a personality that is sheer perfection. He loves the protagonist, Chess, fully and unconditionally. Plus, he sports some serious mutton chops and has awesome taste in music.

Okay, there's my list. Who's on yours?


  1. David Gandy in a tub full of suds *wipes off drool*

    You're my She-ro!!

  2. Yum yum yum to all. Did you see Chris Hemsworth in a movie called A Perfect Getaway? He was so yummy in that. And Timothy Olyphant is in it too. Yum.

    I think one of your photos of him was from that movie ???

  3. SHUT.UP! Timothy Olyphant AND Chris Hemsworth? No, I did not see it and yes, I will be renting it this weekend. I don't know if you watch Justified but I'm a MASSIVE Timothy Olyphant fan.

  4. I don't watch too much tv but have wanted to check that out just for him. He's so sexy.

    The movie is ok but made all the better for they eye candy. Yum.

  5. LOL. I need to work on my vocabulary. I just dropped 6 yums in 2 short comments. Haha.

  6. Ooooh I love your pics of "Terrible""! That's pretty spot on!!!

    P.S. Dear god, take off the word verification!!!

  7. I thought it was! Yes ma'am...done and done:)


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