Sunday, April 1, 2012

Review: Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright
Published January 16th by Dragonfairy Press
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a world where supernaturals have been forced to live in a cage! Lenore is a Mixedbreed...or Mixie that gets discriminated against every day! But she's a fighter. The purebloods treat the Mixies like second class citizens. With a sliver "X" branded on her forehead she's a fighter! Being a student at the University is a great feat for Mixie's, her world has changed dramatically one rainy night as she witnesses a murder! With the help of her sexy roommate and ex boyfriend MeShack and her new suitor Zulu, she sets her sights on the killer whose taking the lives of Shapeshifters in the Habitat.

I loved loved loved this debut series! Lanore is tough as nails and takes no bullshit! Not even from those who treat her like crap! And the men in her life....Dizayam! They are hot! MeShack is all alpha male and I love it! Too bad he cant keep his you-know-what in his pants. And then Zulu, I just love Zulu. Head of an organization that caters and offers help to Mixies. He's also sweet on Lenore....I think they're MFEO:)

All in all, Fire Baptized is a fantastic series and I recommended it to all of you that love the PNR and UF genre's. It really is a breath of fresh air that touches on a lot of problems that fellow African myself has faced in our world! It has lotsa suspense and a sexy love triangle that is quite a treat to read about. Basically, Just get your asses out there and read this book!! You won't be disappointed!

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