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Review: The Loss of Sunlight by Lia Black

The Loss of Sunlight by Lia Black   

Published November 4th, 2011

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars 

Sylvie believes she is the perfect modern image of a southern belle. She has a fabulous boyfriend, fashionable career aspirations and everyone is always so eager to help her when she runs into a problem. But her problems were never quite as bad as dying before, and now her biggest problem is trying to keep Aidan Pope, a devilishly handsome man--who insists on calling her by another woman’s name--from ruining her perfect life. 

Aidan is convinced that Sylvie is a woman born between heaven and hell who can save three worlds from a war that is inevitable in a reality where angels kill and demons can be compassionate. 
As Sylvie begins to discover the truth of her origins, she comes to the understanding that she can never have the life she thought she wanted, her days of being a pampered princess are numbered, and she must develop her power enough to defeat her aunt, the devil incarnate, and a woman with whom Aidan may still be in love.

This book was a fantastic find and I hope others read it and enjoy it as much as I did. I picked it up on Amazon as a freebie. Though it's no longer free, I think it's well worth the $4.99 price-tag.  

Meet Sylvie. She is a high maintenance Southern Belle who works as a fashion merchandiser for a department store.  Her toughest day to day decisions are deciding what to wear.

~ I had just enough time to put on my gorgeous and stylishly understated gold sandals that showed off my perfect French pedicure and long shapely legs, then for a final twirl in the mirror, before I grabbed my gold Prada clutch and headed out the door of my apartment.

She doesn't even have to order food for herself. Her boyfriend David takes care of it.

~David Thomas Sterling was a handsome and successful young entrepreneur, and a man who understood how to treat a lady of my southern sensibilities. I was born and raised with the knowledge that life had a way of taking care of young ladies such as myself--and so it seemed only natural that David would take care of me.

The beginning of the book starts with Sylvie getting ready to meet her boyfriend, David, for a brunch date. Deciding to walk through the park on her way there, something happens that changes her life forever.

Meet Aidan Pope. 

~As near as I could figure, the stranger was in his early thirties, at least six-foot five, and lifted weights—a lot. His broad chest and shoulders tapered to a trim waist. His skin, stretched taut over chiseled features and high sharp cheekbones, was smooth and pale, so light and flawless it seemed unnatural. On his forehead, around his eyes, and down his cheeks, were bizarre tattoos, like an intricate black mask. His hair, brushing past his shoulders, was the color and sheen of a raven’s wing. More tattoos peeked out of the collar of his shirt and covered both arms as well as the backs of his hands. They weren’t pin-up girls, Chinese dragons or anything recognizable as anything recognizable.

Aidan informs Sylvie that she has a destiny to fulfill. Through most of the book, Aidan is by her side. And when he's not? I want to cry and I want him to come back. I won't lie, the sexual tension between these two is fantastic. The plot is action packed. So many things happen, so many things that we don't even know what is real and what isn't anymore.  

There is such great character development for Sylvie. Sure, she starts out as a brat, but so much changes. I find it's not the challenges she faces, but how she handles them that make her such a strong woman. She grows into a great heroine. 

The plot is phenomenal. The writing is great. The descriptions are fantastic. The sexual tension is amazing. Oh yeah, I said that already, but it's SOOO TRUE! Aidan, you are now inducted into my fictional boyfriends hall of fame. 

I hope to read more soon from Miss Black whether it's a continuation of these wonderful characters or something new, I'm sold.


  1. Awesome review Emmy!!! If he's on ur book boyfriends hall of fame then Im sold!! Im so reading this one!

  2. Cool review, Emmy! I would have never thought to add this to my TBR but I did. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just started it last night HeatherJay and its really good!

  4. Sounds good! Great review!

    Vix @

  5. I gobbled this book up!! It was awesome...I hope she makes more books in this world!

  6. I really hope she continues also. There is not much information out there on Lia Black but I hope she's still writing. I will definitely read anything she comes up with after loving this so much.

  7. Happy Easter Mrs. V XOXO

    I remember this time last year you were listening to me rant about Sookie while I was catching up!! Lol, time flies <3

  8. Yup!! Time sure does fly!! Happy Easter to you too!!


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