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Review: Morningstar by Darcy Town

Morningstar by Darcy Town
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publised October 11, 2011

“You absorb me in spite of myself - you alone.” Lucifer spoke into her hair, “You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest.”

In this wonderful tale of Lucifer and his counterpart Ladriam. A human baby is born and an angel hides in her body! Ladriam is imprisoned in Heaven for an eternity, but she escapes and hides in that of a human baby girl named Dahlia. Lucifer is bereft, he was instrumental in her imprisonment and has been trying to atone for a lifetime. He's sucken into a dark whole of despair until one day one of the Fallen...Belial has news of Ladriam's return. What they don't know, is that she is human.

Dahlia has been plagued with horrid dreams all her life, is terrified of darkness, she hates her job, life is bland...until she meets Belial at a local restaurant. Belial introduces her to her friend Lucien and all of his friends. They become enamored by her....finally they found Ladriam. And she inexplicably takes a strong liking the them. They seem so familiar to her and they all become inseparable. But time is running out for them. The Archangels are coming for Ladriam to take her back to her prison and kill Lucifer and the fallen once and for all! But they will do anything in their power not to ever let her be taken again!

Wow!!! What a great ride, lemme tell ya!! First, I want to say Thank you to Darcy Town for giving me this book to review!! It is a fantastic book and I cannot wait to read the rest!!

The cast of characters in this book is what made it a winner for me! Furcas and Paimon(her guardians) always bickering with each other and competing with each other on who can please Dahlia the best(not that way). a tough as bitch with a soft side for Dahlia and a secret one for a certain Fallen...but I wont name him, you just gotta read to find out! Helion, an Angel who is earth bound but hasn't fallen yet. But is starting to love his new life. Reading about him learn about food, movies, sex....hilarious! When Belial and Helion meet up it doesn't start out pleasant. But I found myself drawn to Belial and her viciousness.

“Helion,” she purred. “Please tell me why you’re here before I eviscerate you.” She nipped at his fingers. His eyes watered. “Belial, please?” She grinned. “Yes, please beg first.” Helion grimaced. “No. You do not understand!” “Make me understand. Tell me your secrets, brother. Tell me it all before I take you to pieces.”

All of the Fallen just dotes on Dahlia and its wonderful to see them fight for her attentions. Especially Belial and her cockblocking...priceless! I loved how, in the begining, each of the Fallen got their own introduction, getting an indepth view of their personalities! Thats what I love about 3 person stories....Any who. But Furcas' intro was by far the best!

"The guy in charge, Furcas didn’t remember his name, held up a sharpened blade of iron. Furcas sighed; this part was always so taxing. “I’ll talk. I’m scared! Oooh. Look I’m a scared Lilliam. Please human, don’t hurt me!” His eyes welled with tears.
The man nodded. “You should be scared. We’ll get the location of your damned City and exterminate all of you!” Furcas grinned.
“Really? That’s your secret plan, never could have guessed that. Wow, you’re going to take everyone by surprise. How clever they’ll say! Do you think the Archangel Michael will give you a gold star?”
“Gag him.” Furcas leaned back.
“Don’t mess up the hair please. It took me hours to get it just so.”
In the pile of clothing that had made up Furcas’ attire, his phone went off. He snapped to the beat until he realized whose ring tone it was. He made a face. “Sorry guys, but I can’t ignore it. I would really like to though.” He broke the iron shackles that held him in place. He stood up and rested his hands on his bare hips. The men stopped what they were doing and gaped. He posed. “Yes, I think it’s quite impressive too. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.” He pushed past the men and grabbed his cell phone. An iron knife went into his lower back. Furcas backhanded the knife-wielder and pulled the knife out. He threw the blade into the wall and answered the phone. “Kind of in a spot at the moment. Oh? Yeah, I can get out of it.” He shifted the phone from one hand to the next as he pulled on a silk dress shirt.

And last but not least Lucifer! He is so damn sexy and not bad as people have been led to believe! When Belial and Helion gives him a message from Ladriam, his reaction is so powerful I swear I could feel his torment , his sorrow and hope that he can make up for everything.

Lucifer shuddered. He ripped his clothes and wailed. “If I still love you? If. If!” He tore his hair out in bloody clumps. “Nothing to me is more than you! At first sight I was struck. I am still falling, still burning. I am still yours!” He gnashed his teeth. Lucifer tore the couch in half and shredded the leather with his fingers. He felt too much. Fire consumed him, burned inside where he had felt nothing but sorrow and regret. He cried out in the ancient language of the Fallen and shattered the windows. His eyes glowed blue. He pointed to Belial.
"Find her now!"

He really does love Ladriam. And its crazy watching him struggle with his instincts and what is really right. Ladriam is now human and she is now Dahlia. She doesn't know him from Adam and he wants her with an all consuming urgency that he sometimes he can't think straight! But if he tells her he loves her she'll think he's a creep! Having not moved from the couch in centuries has made him rusty. And really, what would he know about romancing a human. But I think he does a great job and Dahlia and Lucifer have some really sweet moments.

All in all, fantastic book! I just started the next one and thank God all of em are out cuz I would be dying! Please get out there and get this book. It really is great!

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  1. It is sooooo good!! I swear, I couldnt put it down!! Im reading the next one now! If you liked fever, I think you'd like this!

  2. Where do I get this? B & N doesnt have it yet. Need an epub version for my Nook........

  3. Okay I'm snooping, but I figure I can answer your question (author here).

    Right now Morningstar is on Amazon's Kindle Prime program, so it's only available in E-Pub format on the Kindle (I plan on branching out once that expires, but it's another 2 months I think).

    That being said, I can get it to you in PDF format or I can use a converter and put it into Nook format (it'll be good practice since I haven't done that before).

    Shoot me an email at or send me a message on goodreads. :)


  4. Yayyyyy! Darcy, you rock! I'll send you an email and read it ASAP. Thank you, Sweetie!!!!

  5. Sorry Heather....I went to bed early last night!! Thanks Darcy for answering her question....ur awesome:)

    OMG, Heather....I know you will love this! Its impossible not to....honestly:) I will be shocked if you didnt!


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