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I'm an at home mom. I love love love to read especially paranormal romance and urban fantasy! I have so many favorites its not even funny. I love Spending time with my family, cuddling up with my honey, listening to music...music is my life! And of course my biggest obsession is...you guessed it....READING!! I love to immerse myself in a new world and be captivated by it:)I carry books with me where ever I go and I cannot go out without buying one! Its just impossible to do so! I look forward to chatting with you chickies about the books we love and the HOT ASS hero's in them as well as the Kick Ass Chicks that keep their asses in LINE;)

I’m a single mom of an insanely hilarious 9-year old boy. My career is off the charts stressful and takes more out of me than it should. However, I have the corner office with a view out the window that is reminiscent of Ferngully and sometimes I shut the door, hold the calls and escape into my Nook (shhhhh!). I spend more time than I should dreaming of books, movies and alpha males. I mostly read Urban Fantasy and Paranormal but occasionally dabble in Dystopian and a good romance. I’m thrilled that I have this opportunity to talk books (and alphas) with like-minded chickas…..

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