Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

This is a post started by Sue over at Satin's Bookish Corner
We'll gush and  fawn over our most beloved characters out of our absolute favorite books.
If any of you who run blogs would like to join in and do a post on your blogs with your favourite book people let us know and we'll leave a link at the bottom of each post every week telling our followers to pop on over and check it out. and at the end of your post if you could do the same for us.

I just finished the latest in one of my favorite series, The Perfect Blood (The Hollows). For anyone who reads these books you are more than familiar with Trent Kalamack. Trent is an elf. The protagonist, Rachel, has had an ongoing love/hate relationship with Trent for the last 10 books but they have yet to seal the deal. Trent is a very successful businessman and doesn't have time for silliness or flighty women which makes his ongoing "relationship" with Rachel very entertaining. My hope is that these two will eventually end up together but in the mean time, enjoy the sights:


  1. I can't remember what that guy's name is, but he's who I think of when I wrote Archangel Michael. Lovely looking guy. :)


  2. YuuuuuM!!! Heather! Awesome Picks for FF!!

    Gosh I will never imagine Michael the same way! Super sexy....Hopefully he redeems himself.....

  3. Is Michael from Morningstar?

  4. Yep he's in all 3 books. He's delicious to look at, but still looks like he could be a major jerk. So, a great match ;)


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