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Review: Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson

Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tish is a home nurse for hospice and since one of her patients passed on she's there sorting through her things. The family is selling all her antiques in an estate sale and Tish happens upon a beautiful locket. In some wierd way it calls to her, so she steals it. But once she opens it she teleports and winds up naked in a field with the sexy man she saw inside the locket who introduces hisself as Criminy Stain.

“I was startled when I saw him there, leaning against a birch tree. Seconds before, I was sure I was alone, and then he appeared as if by magic. It was the man from the locket. He had the same insolent, daredevil, knowing smile, the same unruly hair. One tall black boot was kicked up against the tree behind him, and his arms were crossed over his chest, stretching the shoulders of his black tailcoat. “You’re here,” he said simply. “Do I know you?” I asked, which came out more haughtily than I had intended. “You will,” he answered, kicking off the tree and walking toward me. “After all, you’re wearing my locket. And I’ve been waiting for you.”

So off Tish goes into a whirlwind adventure with the sexy Criminy Stain with blud drinking animals and an evil Magister that wants to eradicate all Bludmen from their world! As well as Criminy's carnival of freaks where she plays an integral part in. I thought it was hilarious when Tish thought she was dreaming and tried to fly:

I needed to take control of the dream. I held out a hand with fingers splayed and focused my will. “Zzzzzzzsssst! Pshew! Zzzzist!” I said. But nothing happened.
“What in Sang are you doing, love?” he asked.
My arm dropped to my side. “I was trying to shoot lightning bolts out of my fingertips,” I said. Then, quietly, “It usually works.”
“Told you it wasn’t a dream. Do you want to try flying, too?” Sheepishly, I gave a little hop, but my feet came back down to the ground.
“No,” I said, feeling sullen and embarrassed and on the verge of outright panic.

I really did enjoy this book. It kinda reminded me of Alice in Wonderland on acid. Blud drinking bunnies and was a fantastic trip! I loved every second of it and I wish we could get more of Criminy and Tish! They really had some funny and heartfelt moments and I just fell in love with Criminy. He's definitely on my book boyfriends doubt! I did get a little tired of Tish and her dilydallying about who she wanted to be with.... “What you’re seeing is pain. And you’re the only one who sees it,” he said more softly. “You’re the only one who can cut me, and you wound me deep.”
I was like; "duh bitch Criminy loves you and he's the one!Wake the feck up!" But Im glad they ultimatly got their shite together. They make a great team!

He was an animal. He was terrifying. And he was beautiful. I realized that I was biting my lip, that my hand was wound into the ruffled fabric at my chest. Something in me was drawn to the carnage. Like so many women before me, I was a slave to the caveman brain, that deep old part of my DNA that whispered that ferocity would keep me safe and fed and alive and that I should most definitely find the fiercest creature around and hump it.

There were so many funny moments and Criminy and Tish's culture differences just cracked me up. Since Tish was from the modern world and Criminy was not it was hilarious when Tish had to explain certain things:

“I don’t know,” I said, exasperated. “What else do you have in your wacked-out world? Heat sensors? Mine fields? Dirigibles? Booby traps? Machine guns? Shrink rays? What?”
“Aside from dirigibles, which are rather expensive and rare outside of trade routes, most of what you just said made no sense whatsoever,” he said, as delighted as a child hearing a foreign language for the first time. “But it all sounds very dangerous. And fun. Especially the part about the boobies.”

All in all, I loved this book and had a great time immersing myself in this colorful and twisted world. Awesome series....check it out!

"I would burn down the world for you," he whispered fiercely. "Your world or my own. I would rip down the entire city with my bare hands without a second thought. I don't need to taste anything else, I don't need a comparison. "

Now thats what Im talkin about!!!

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  1. Woo-Hoo, just downloaded this last night. Good to know you loved it!!

  2. Yay!!! Im glad it really was good!

  3. You definitely picked out some of my favorite quotes. I LOVED this book! Cat mentioned that she has chatted with the author and that Criminy will make future appearances even though the next book focuses on somebody else. I sure hope so! I Love Criminy!

    After reading this, I kind of had a let down with my next few books. Sometimes that happens when I read something really fantastic then my next choices can't compare.

  4. Yea Emmy...I know how you feel! Sometimes when I read a an awesome book the next ones dont even compare!

  5. Great review!!

    I loved this book too Mrs. V!;)


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