Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally read This Side of the Grave...YAY!

OMG! I've been so excited to read this that I not only pre-ordered it on Kindle PC, I also ordered it on paperback! There's just some books that you have to have on your shelf...if you feel like I do then you know what I mean!! So here's what I thought of book 5 of NH:

 ** spoiler alert ** Boy was it good to be back with Cat and Bones!! I loved it! To me Cat has grown so much since the begining and the love that she and Bones share is so amazing! One of my favorite parts of the story(there are so many)was when they first checked in the Ritz in New Orleans and that snobby beeyatch pissed Cat off...then Bones tells her hubby that she's screwing the plumber: “She’s rogering the plumber every Thursday while you’re at the club." The woman let out a shocked gasp even as her husband’s face became mottled. “You told me he was laying pipe, Lucinda!” Bones grunted. “Right you are, mate.”. Priceless!! I loved the development of the characters as well. Especially Vlad, I'm glad he was in this story more. So glad Cat finally killed Apollyon's ass! Boy was he a pain in the butt. And to think all this time he was a pussy!! I couldn't believe it! Can't wait until the next one comes out and I hope there's some Ian in that one...I really missed him! Loved his line: “Am I the only one who has wood over that little vixen?”....I just loved it!! So many things I loved about this one! I loved the Chapter everyone was talking about...when cat bites back! wow is all I will say about that! I was so surprised about Joan of Arc being the other Half-breed, wasn't expecting that one! I missed Cat and Bones so much that it was sad to finish the book:(

Maybe I should have stretched it out a bit...oh well! Once again, Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings and a now **Giddy** Vampsessed Chick:)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Can never forget about the oh so sexy and dangerous Revenge! I loved him from the begining!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Only the Lonely by Susan Gabriel

Only The LonelyOnly The Lonely by Susan Gabriel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Destiny is on the line for Summer Solstice, the sultry and acerbic hostess of the popular late night talk-radio show Only the Lonely when a call comes through from a centuries-old vampire with a dark and tragic past. 

Before the night is over, Summer will be drawn into the secretive world of the vampire who has the face of an angel, the needs of a man and a thirst for human blood.

Forbidden desire turns to love, but love turns to suspicion when Summer's fans begin to turn up floating in the murky waters of the Mississippi. 

Will these two beings from different worlds be each other's salvation or their undoing?

First let me give a shout out to Ollie for recommending this to me...Thanks girl!! I absolutely loved this story. I laughed, I cried and I thought my laptop would spontaneously combust! I really hope there will be another book, would love to find out what happens next with Summer and Lucien!! There were just so many emotions in such a short book, I wish there was was amazing!! If you haven't read this book, What are you waiting for?? Get with the program!!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm re-reading Sookie Stackhouse so....

Ok so I've been doing a re-read of the Sookie Stackhouse series! For those who don't know what that is....WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?? I started on "Dead to the World" and worked my way up. Originally I was a huge Trueblood fan. I didn't even know about the book series til season 3 was coming out! What an idiot...right?! I fell in love with this series...OMG!! To me the books are way way better than the show! It's so different in a lot of ways and the same as well....funny huh? I loved Bill when the show started , but when I started the books...actually when I got to the end of "Club Dead", I couldn't stand him! I liked Eric on the show, but when I read the books I fell in love! Now enough blabber about Trueblood...I wanna discuss the book series! Once I re-read the series I learned a lot of things...what things, do you say?? Well for starters the whole Quinn issue...I really liked him once I re-read the series.  I think Sookie fucked up on that one...the mom and sis were irritating but, so what! Her brother is annoying too...HELLO!! I really think that they could have worked it out!...I think I misjudged him and I think they would have a great life together. Also, since re-reading this series, I realize that she made a big MISTAKE with Alcide!! She is such an idiot...she needs to leave the vamps alone!! Way too much drama in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Eric...but can Sookie have kids with him?? NO!! And we all know that's what she wants eventually.... so we will see when "Dead Reckoning" comes out! I read the first chapter on Charlaine's website...awesome!! Since I am not done with my re-read I will be back!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vishous Oh Vishous...How do I love thee: Let me count the ways!

When you were introduced in "Dark Lover" I knew you would be mine!
From your Diamond eyes
To the tats along your face to your sexy style and grace
You are MINE!!
Doc Jane can't handle you like I can
Would you could you be my man?!

(Sorry Vane my love my will always be my first. Vishous will never replace you...but DAMN is he FINE!!

Why I picked up my first Dark Hunter book


It all began when I was in the middle of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series.  I was in a grocery store and I saw "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I thought...huh?! That cover looks interesting! When I was on "Dead and Gone" I began looking for another PNR series...really I didn't know much about PNR! The only series' I've ever read was Twilight and Sookie. I went to borders and bought "Dead in the Family" and I saw "Infinity" again. At first I was going to buy it but I decided to look it up and lo and's part of a series!! I purchased "Fantasy Lover" and "Night Pleasures"...I fell in love with "Fantasy Lover"! I know what you're thinking..."It has nothing to do with the Dark Hunter world!" I read the reviews...blah blah blah!! I loved it...and I understood the connection! It introduced the Greek Mythology and set up the plot about Kyrian...hello...he was Julian's best friend! Remember when he saw him at the club with Grace?? So shut up! LOL. I just don't get how one could not love the Dark Hunter series. The characters are awesome...Simi is hilarious! Which by the way, I hope get's her own book...I love The Simi!! Acheron is HOTT and he is bad ass, he spoils Simi to death, he is sarcastic as hell and has such a big heart...when he shouldn't...really! Zarek is misundertood...and is sexy as well! Now that he has Astrid he's like a big teddy bear! Valerius started out as a big snob and I couldn't stand him, but by the time I read "Sieze the Night" I fell in love! Tabitha...she is just the awesomest!! They totally complement each other! She is just great! Vane...which is my the sexiest of the series in my opinion. He loves his brothers, can KICK ass like no other and he adore's Bride...his other mate...tehee!! *spoiler alert*I almost lost it in "Bad Moon Rising" when he sacrificed himself for his brother!

Now there is one character in which I HATE...I am sure those of you that love DH as much as I do know who I am talking about...ARTEMIS!! UGH she is such as selfish, kiniving stank ass BITCH!! Please Ms. Kenyon KILL the bitch! I know I know...she's makes a great villian but things will be so much better if she would just eat dirt...right?! She ruins everything....Ahhh I love to hate Artemis! I could just go on and on about these characters. So....The moral of the story is...GET YOUR ASSES OUT AND GET THE FIRST TWO BOOKS OF THE DARK HUNTER SERIES!! If you don't like it? You are a lame!! Just kidding..but seriously! I loved it...can't wait til the next one comes out...way in August or some shit....way too long, but oh well! What are ya gonna do?! Sherrilyn Kenyon is the best and if you've read DH you know this and if you haven't....what are you waiting for?! Once again, I'm sure no one's reading this but me but oh well. I need to get things off my chest...but if you are...Thank you for stopping by Ciao;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Danann Frost Falls from Grace

So...a couple of days ago I read a book called Danann Frost Falls from Grace. Let me tell ya, I absolutely loved it.  It starts out in 1800's Ireland with a vampire, Prince Seth, who meets an Angel.  When said Angel is on the human plane she cannot remember her name so she asks him to give her one.  He decides to name her Danann. They fall in love and she decides that she will not give him up and go back home so she decides to fall from grace.  As soon and she does this Seth and his village is under attack.  Seth see's Danann and doesn't know that she has fallen and notices that the enemy is closing on her, so he tells her to get away so he can protect her.  She thinks that he really meant for her to leave because he didn't want her.  So 200 years pass. She's "moved on" he finds her and basically demands that she be "his". She's been heartbroken for 200 years because the love of her life rejected her and left her to the wolves and he is pissed and bent on revenge because he thinks that she left him. The whole situation was a BIG misunderstanding.

Anywhoo....I absolutely love this story. As soon as I read the plot I knew that I would like it...I mean come on! A vampire and an Angel falling in love? What's not to love right?! All they had to do was communicate and things would have been good. But what's the fun in that
?! I just fell in love with the characters...the story was original. I just don't know what else to say but Bravo Joannne Valiukas!!  If you are reading this please get off your asses and get a copy of this book right NOW!! It's well worth it! Ciao:)

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