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Iced: A Dani O'Malley Novel (Fever World #1)

By Karen Marie Moning

Available 10/30/12

"I'm currently working on a trilogy that features Dani, Christian MacKeltar, Ryodan, and the mysterious 'Dancer,' set primarily in Fever-Dublin. Each installment in the trilogy is a stand-alone mystery, however there are larger plot arcs unfolding in the background...

..For those of you who have been worrying—the trilogy is not YA. If I had to categorize it, I would say it straddles the line between YA and adult uneasily. ...Many of the questions I left unanswered in the FEVER series are addressed in this new series.

Exciting news: I’ve agreed to write two more books after that. Once the new trilogy is complete, I’m returning to the core story begun in the FEVER series, and will resume writing about Mac, Barrons, V’lane, Cruce, the Unseelie king, the concubine, the Song of Making.
All in all, there are five more books coming about the Fever World!"
Karen Marie Moning

So tell me? Who of you Fever FanGirls are excited as hell for this series?! I mostly definitely am!
Not everyone may be a big fan of Dani but I have hopes that she’ll redeem herself for her involvement with what happened to Mac’s sister.  From what we have seen from her already, she is independent and strong.  Age her a couple years and I think she will be a force to be reckoned with.  And talk of Christian and Ryodan in the series? SOLD!  The helpful and handsome Christian and the ever mysterious Ryodan.  Can’t wait to see how they factor in. Side note: Please tell me there will be Barrons? At least a little? I need my Barrons fix!

Now for some teasers posted from Iced via KMM's Facebook page.

Teaser 1 (contains spoilers from the Fever Series)

Four nights he’s come to me, murmuring my name, making it an exquisite melody with which not even the divine orchestral choir of all the angels in heaven could compete.

He chimes my name in the language of the Unseelie and it makes my ears ring until my mind is emptied of all thought, until my eyes are incapable of beholding any vision other than him. He is so beautiful that merely looking at him makes me weep and when I brush tears from my cheeks, my hands come away stained red with blood.

He wakes me but doesn’t wake me.

He takes me to a place that is so perfect and serene and free of worry that I want to stay there forever.

My name is Cruce, he says. Not V’lane. I was so weary of wearing his golden shining face. He was never half the Fae I am. I have you in the Dreaming, is it not beautiful? Do you not feel divine here with me? You need not fear me. I am not what I seem.

Teaser 2

He isn't what he's pretending to be with her. I watch him all the time. I'm going to be there when he stops pretending. I'm going to be her bulletproof vest, her shield, her fallen fucking angel, whether she wants one or not. He's pretending he's almost human. He's no more human than me.

Teaser 3

“You’re not responsible for the world just because you’re more capable.”

“Course I am. That’s what more capable folks do.”

“You could ask me to teach you.”

“Huh?” This night is getting weird in a hurry. “Teach me like you’re teaching a class or something? What are you going to call it: You-too-can-be-a sociopath-101?”

“It would be more like a graduate level class.”

I start to snicker. His sense of humor sneaks up on you. Then I remember who’s talking and bite it off.

“You want to be faster, stronger, smarter. Ask me to teach you.”

“I ain’t asking you for nothing. And you might be faster and stronger. For now. No way you’re smarter.”

“Your choice. But turn around because you’re not leaving. It’s night, and you know what that means.”

“Like, it’s dark?”

“You’re with me until dawn.”

“Why dawn? You a vamp or a zombie or something that can’t stand the light?”

He freeze-frames away, moves in on the scene. “I like sex for breakfast, kid. I eat early and often.”

impatiently waiting for October 30th,


  1. OMG, I can't wait! I wasn't a huge fan of Dani but KMM is a frickin' genius so I know she'll make it work.

  2. I think she will too! I just hope/pray that Barons makes a cameo, oh and Mac too!

  3. I just had a horrible thought. What if it's fantastic and there are major cliffhangers? I would die! LOL. I picked up her first book for free on Kindle and quickly read the next 3. I only had to wait a few weeks for the final installment to be released otherwise the wait would have been killer!

    Hmmm... I think KMM is going to throw in some major twist. My thoughts are that Dani will be as instrumental as Mac. With that said, I think she's going to be kick ass eventually.

  4. I discovered the series once they were all out as well.....Like a week or two after Shadowfever released. And am happy I didnt have to wait til all the others came out! Im sure there will be cliffhangers....

  5. Okay so you all know I wasn't a fan of Dani's at all, so I'm not as happy as everyone, but I'm going to pretend to be, well because I love KMM & Fever, so I have faith these will great, and I'll be at the bookstore to purchase on release day! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing this Emmy!!:)
    Hi HeatherJay & Mrs. v <3

  6. Im just going to pretend that u didnt say that about Dani! She is the shit!!LOL!

    Foreals though....I cant wait! Even if I didnt like Dani, I would still check the series out! KMM's awesome like that!

    Vain, Have u read the Highlander series by KMM?


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