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Soul Avenged Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop in the Soul Avenged Blog Tour! I must say that I'm super excited to introduce one of the male leads in this fantastic debut!

Meet Kane Walker

Breed:  Halfling (half human, half lycan)
Height:  6’2”
Eyes: Green
Hair:  Black

In his words:

Talk about shit luck … imagine leaving work one night only to find yourself in a stand-off with not one, but two eight foot tall half-breed, psychotic wolf wannabes, with maws set wide enough to tell you a story about razor sharp teeth just itching to tear through flesh.  And that’s just the beginning...  You wake up in a house full of demons whose sole existence is to effectively eliminate your kind from the planet without getting blood on their polished leather boots.  

Yeah, welcome to Kane’s World, the twisted carnival of freaks, where you get your neck devoured and score a ticket to everlasting hell on earth.  

On the up side, the female tormenter’s pretty hot and likes to parade around in skin-tight leather, dishing blue balls like a stripper at bible camp.  Too bad I’ve always been more of a sensitive lover, preferring a soft caress over a bitch slap across the face while my hands are cuffed to a bedpost all hours of the day.  I’m not one to complain though.  Hell, being held captive in a mansion of demons, ghouls and hellhounds does have its perks—time off work, lack of sensation in your limbs and nice break from normalcy. 

Excerpt from Soul Avenged:

The door to the landing clicked, swinging inward, and Annabelle appeared, tray in hand, as usual.
“Shit!” Kane grabbed his slacks off the floor and held them up to shield his lower half. 
“Oh, my!” Annabelle exclaimed, a frisky smile on her face.
The door to the bathroom opened, and Ayden stepped out, wearing a robe and drying her hair with a towel. Her gaze shifted left to right—to Annabelle’s face, Kane hiding his briefs. She glanced down at her robe, and Kane caught the flush of her cheeks.
“Annabelle,” he said, “this … isn’t …”
“No, I’m very sorry to interrupt.” A hiccup of laughter escaped Anna as she set the tray down on the bedside table.
“Anna, seriously, we didn’t do anything.” Ayden tugged the ties of her robe a little tighter.
“No need to explain, miss.” Her coy smile suggested otherwise as she hobbled toward the door in one of the fastest exits Kane had seen from her yet.
“Oh, that’s just great.” Ayden threw the brush onto the chair. “We’ll be on the National Enquirer by the time this friggin’ day is over. Do you know how much shit those guys are going to give me? And it’s all your fault.”
“My fault? You’re the one who decided to shower here. Doesn’t this palace have another bathroom somewhere in its fifty rooms?”
Her eye twitched. “What are you suggesting? That I showered here to give you some kind of peep show?” 
“I wouldn’t suggest anything of the sort.” Kane threw his palms up as he spoke. “I just think it’s a little odd that you chose to shower in my bathroom, is all.”
“Your bathroom? Are you feeling all warm and cozy here?”
“Absolutely not. I wouldn’t dream of getting comfortable. That might upset the ice princess. And we wouldn’t want her to get upset.” 
Her eyes narrowed on him. “Piss off.”
“Go to hell.”
Her hands shot to her hips. “I’ve been in hell ever since you showed up.”
“Oh …” Kane’s expression softened with amusement. “… I think hell welcomed you a long time ago, baby.”
“How dare you call me baby, you filthy wolf.”
She leaned forward. “Same damn thing, moron.”
Kane leaned in as well. “Actually, it isn’t. According to Annabelle, lycans can transform into any animal.”
“So, you’ve been getting chatty with Annabelle, have you?” She drew away from him. “Save your breath, she isn’t going to cry for you when I rip out your throat.”
“Oh, now you’re ripping my throat out? The other day you were severing my head from my spine.” He faked a grin. “Which is it, so I know what to wear that day?”
  Ayden groaned. “God, you make me want to … to kill something.”
“Yeah, funny, I was never a violent person, myself, until I met you. I suddenly know how you feel.”
Her tone turned challenging. “Then do it.”
“Do what?”
“Try to kill me, wolf,” she said, nodding. “See what happens.”
“I wouldn’t think of hitting a woman.” 
Irritation flickered in Ayden’s eyes.  Her fingers flexed at her sides. “Too bad because this woman constantly thinks of hitting you!” She swiped the brush from the chair and chucked it across the short distance. 
Toward Kane’s head. 
Giving less than a soft grunt at the impact, Kane raised his hand to his temple, where blood trickled out of a small cut from the metal prongs. “You’ve got the maturity of a toddler, you know that?”
Out of nowhere, her fist connected with his jaw. His face jerked with that one, and a growl ripped from his throat, the shift in his perception warning his eyes had turned. 
She grinned, beckoning him with a flick of her wrist. “That’s it. Come on. Come get me, lycan.”
Something inside of Kane flowed like a current; it exploded, releasing a rush of pure adrenaline. 
He lurched forward. 
Her leg swung so quick he hardly had time to comprehend the blow to his stomach. 
She followed it up with another thrust to the chest that sent him flying across the bed.
Pouncing on top of him, she straddled his body. Nails dug into his arms held at either side of his head. 
Fuck yes. 
Her strength was incredible. The animal inside of him yearned to rip her to pieces because of it, to revel in the victory of conquering it—conquering her. 

Yuumm....thats just the tip of the iceburg for those two! You've gotta check out this one...its a must read for sure! Check out my review of Soul Avenged and don't forget to stop by the other stops on the tour and check out what else is in store!

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Yummy Rock Gods....

Just a Few.......

Chris Cornell


Sully Erna

Chino Moreno

Dave Navarro
(Janes Addiction)


Jared Leto

(30 Seconds to Mars)

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