Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Scent of Greek by Tina Folsom!!!

A Scent of Greek (Out of Olympus #2)A Scent of Greek by Tina Folsom
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I dare say I liked this better than the first!!

Ladies!! Have you ever had a guy you started to fall for and then as soon as you give him ur goods he dumps you?!! Have you ever wanted to get revenge on said loser??? Well read this and you'll get your fix!!

In this wonderful sequel to A Touch of Greek Ariadne has finally met the one. After a major heart break the previous year from her ex-fiancee she's finally opened her heart and her bed to the ultra sexy Dio. When he doesn't call her the next day she's distraught..of course. Wanting to confront the loser she finds the ass a the bar flirting with a couple of bimbo's and what does he do when he see's her???You guessed it...he dumps her! Once leaving the bar later on that night she finds the cad in the alley behind the bar...all beat up and having no memory of who he is and how he got there. She she decides to tell him she's his fiancee!! Yeah...No kidding...LOL!! And let the good times ROLL!!!

Dionysus or Dio, is a philanderer....a complete womanizer. He has a one-nigh-stand rule....once he scores with a chick he dumps her. For two weeks now he's been putting the moves on Ariadne....and tonight is the night it finally pays off. He's never spent this much time trying to get a woman in his bed and he's quite put off by it. After his one night of bliss with the lovely Ari he starts getting these feelings that he's quite unfamiliar with. He's not sure one night will ever be enough for him with this woman and it scares the shit out of him so he dumps her!

Hera....wife of Zeus and stepmpother to Dio saw what Dio did to the poor Ariadne and is fed up with his philandering ways. In her eyes...he's just like his father and decides to teach him a lesson. So she wipes his memory and helps Ari execute her plan to finally destroy the God of wine and ecsatcy and give him a taste of his own medicine.

I loved loved loved this addition to the Out of Olympus series! I laughed sooooooo much!! Ari really taught Dio a lesson. He really deserved it cuz he was a complete ass!! You really have to read it to know what Im talking about..dont wanna spoil anything. But when Ari told Dio that they were abstaining from sex til marriage and that his drinking wine was the cause I chuckled! But when the poor Dio actually went to an AA meeting just so he could finally get in her good graces...I nearly fell of the BED!!! Im sorry...It was hilarious to me:)))

Anyhoo....Please go read this book!! I enjoyed it sooo much!! I really missed Tina's stories and reading this reminded me of why she's one of my favorites!!

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