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Betraying the Pack by Eve Langlais!!!

Betraying The Pack (Pack, #2)Betraying The Pack by Eve Langlais
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Warning: Not all gorgeous blond cowboys with dark-haired sidekicks met in a bar will be werewolves, but if they are, prepare to howl, because when it comes to loving their mate, nothing beats their hands-on tag team approach.

In this awesome sequel to Defying Pack Law. Bailey is a pretty lonely girl. After finding out that her boyfriend was screwing her best friend she decides to go out for a night on the town. After running into an awfully delectable cowboy(Gavin) at the bar...the next day she finds her self and a very sticky situation. She's in an unfamiliar house with no recollection how she got there. Realizing she's been kidnapped, Bailey only has one option...get the hell outta dodge. Running naked through the woods trying to flea her captures she bumps into a naked Gavin....

Gavin is pack. His job is to find the rogue weres and dispose of them per his Alpha. While on the job he runs into the sexy Bailey. Then finds out she's been taken by the rogues he and his fellow pack brothers has been hunting. To Gavin, Bailey is the one...his true mate. Elated of that fact and he doesnt have to share her as per pack law. But once he finally finds Bailey and she's introduced to his brothers he finds out that he's not the only one who feels she's his mate and Bailey suddenly doesnt seem completely human anymore.

I greatly enjoyed this 2nd book of the pack series. Bailey was not just a damsel in distress and didnt take what the guys said at face value. It was quite entertaining to see her try to fight her feelings for Gavin as well as Jaxon, Parker and Wyatt. Living in a polymorous relationship was completely foreign to her and she fought it as much as she could. But all four of these tempting specimens were all male and completely ready to please and love her so of course finally she succumed.

I greatly enjoyed Jaxon...he really had some LOL moments for sure. Every time things seemed too series or too much for Bailey to comes Jaxon with one of his quips:

“I have another one if you like that. Roses are red, violets are blue, your lips look so juicy, and I’ll bet your pus—”

I loved how all of her Beau's had their own personality traits that balanced each other. Jaxon with his sense of humor and playfulness. Gavin with his intensity and passion. He knew she was the one from the start. Wyatt at first was reluctant to claim her because he wanted love. I just adored that about him. And Parker was her rock. All of them together was like the perfect man and she had 4 bodies to do naughty things with.

I just cant express how much I loved this book and love Eve's writing as a whole. With her you dont just get a naughty novella. You get great PNR with a super naughty twist. All her heroines are tough in their own way and the Alpha's are so scrumptious!! ***sigh***

Im just a huge fan and always will be:))

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  1. I love Eve's books, and they always make me laugh (and sweat). That lady can definitely lay the sexy down. Great review.

  2. Thanks! You're right...she sure can!

  3. So glad you enjoyed it :)
    And thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.


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