Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favourites

This is a post started by Sue over at Satin's Bookish Corner. So....Ima tell you a little about my favorite book character every week!

Mine for this week is Faythe Sanders from The Shifter Series by Rachel Vincent.

Faythe is a werecat and totally kicks major ass! She's definitely one of my top ten favorite heroines...eventhough she kinda got on my nerves!! But who doesn't:)
If you've never read the shifter series...ya need to! Its awesome...and there's a love triangle! Who doesn't love those?!


  1. hey chick, thansk for taking part. if your going to join in next week ill leave a link at the bottom of my post to tell my followers to check your blog and ill leave a link.

  2. great well ill add ya to next weeks post then :)


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