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Bunny and The Bear by Eve Langlais!!!

Bunny And The BearBunny And The Bear by Eve Langlais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning: Pies were harmed in the making of this story and naughty references made about honey that might offend some readers.

Well I for one was not deterred from that warning.....

Miranda is a very energetic and happy bunny. She works for the kidding...Furry United Coalition. Basically she's a secret agent in the shifter community. She's been assigned to protect her onery bear shifter neighbor Chase. There's been a lot of dissapearances among the shifter community and Alpha's are being targeted. Words out that Chase is next so she must get close to him and protect him at all costs.

Chase is a grizzly-bear shifter. He's ornery and knows exactly what he wants in life. He hates all things chipper and peppy so when he meets Miranda he's very disturbed by the fact he cant get her off his mind. He, in no way, shape or form willl ever settle down with a shifter outside his caste. He feels bears and woodland creatures, like Miranda should never mix. But the more Miranda keeps bumping into him he's not so sure thats accurate.

I fell in love with Miranda from the start! She was an excellent example of not judging a book by its cover. Although she seemed like a ditz she really wasnt. She was intelligent and she kicked major ass!! I loved how she constantly tested Chase's patience. He was such a stick-in-the-mud....she really did bring him out of his shell!

One day, still several years in the future, he’d settle down with a sow and pop out the customary cub or two. He already had a list of requirements for a mate; quiet, tidy, a good cook, and easy on the eyes. In other words, boring and not likely to disrupt his life. His brother, who’d heard his list, snorted he needed a housekeeper. He never repeated it after Chase knocked his front teeth out. Calm and controlled didn’t mean he didn’t have a wicked left hook. Back to his wish list, there was nothing wrong with wanting a docile partner who wouldn’t interfere too much in his life.

Not like a certain bunny who would probably make each day a new adventure where’d he have to fight to keep his sanity. Where he’d be expected to share his food and bed while being subjected to inane chatter. Where the sex would be copious, sweaty and frantic. Why oh why can’t I stop thinking of her like that?

I just loved and sometimes hated his inner monalouge about why she shouldnt be with Miranda. She was really the ying to his yang.....
Toward the middle of the story Chase started to realize his prejudice of woodland creatures was just dumb and he really started to fall for Miranda ***sigh***!

My favorite part of this book was when Chase was kidnapped by the evil of the story and Miranda came to his rescue.....

Disbelief made him choke. “Do not tell me you intend to engage them in hand-to-hand combat. Are you insane? They have guns.”

“Good point.” She tossed the knife and began to strip.

“Um, Miranda what are you doing?”

“Getting naked.”

“I see that.” Oh did he ever, and the sight was making him hard even given the situation.“I’m afraid to ask what for.” Maybe one last quickie before they died?

“There’s too many for me to fight in this form. I’m going to unleash my beast.”

Great, she finally meant to escape. Or did she? “Are you going to get some help then?”

Vivid green eyes turned his way, and her lips quirked up on one side. “Why would I do that?” A sound in the hall made her turn away from him. “Don’t worry. Me and my bunny will save you.”

Ursa help him, she’d completely lost her mind.

This was such a great story...I enjoyed every moment of it! I love it when a book has me smiling at the end!!Eventhough we were left with....

The End (or is it…)


Eve you devil:))))

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