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Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais!!!

Defying Pack Law (Pack, #1)Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais
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Warning: Reading this book may find you panting for three werewolves of your own. Please talk to your doctor before attempting the foursome scene portrayed in this book as it may result in numerous orgasms.

Eve always has the most intriguing warnings...God I love her!!

Since pack law states that woman have to share more than one mate...Dana has decided to run from her pack and her one true love. She's constantly on the run and is always looking over her sholder for eagar werewolves determinded to claim her. Unfortunately, a pack of wolves are hot on her trail and Dana must rely on her former beau Nathan to protect her from said evil pack.

Nathan has always been in love with Dana. Since her werewolf powers emerged...late in life. He was forced to share her with others in his pack....as per pack law. But now that he has taken control of the pack he decides to go in search of Dana...screw pack law. And finally claim his mate. But once he finally finds her and rescues her from some crazy rogues he finds out that his plans aren't as simple as he believed. His two best buds have recognized Dana as their mate and Dana's not as against a polyourous relationship as she used to.

This was awesomw...of course....helloooooo, Eve Langlais is the author!!:) What I love about this world is that the whole polymorous relationship is pretty cool. Its all about the womans pleasure....unfortunately, the women in this world don't have much of a choice in the sitch exept who and how many. I loved Dana's character...she was quite abrassive and loving at the same time. She didnt take shit! I especially loved how she handled herself when a very rude and eagar werewolf pup tried to claim her without her consent...

“Listen here, little boy. I don’t want to be claimed and really don’t give a shit what pack law says. In case you hadn’t noticed, I chose to live outside of one. If you want to live, I’d suggest you forget about trying to claim me. I’ve taken down much bigger wolves than you.” The pup’s face went slack with astonishment—only for a moment. Then male arrogance—also known as the dumbass syndrome—once again took over.

“You can’t threaten me like that, and you don’t get to decide what you want. Pack law says I can claim any unmarked female.” Dana’s patience snapped, and any squeamish feelings over what she had to do evaporated with his stance.

“Really? Is that your final answer? Because, just so you know, my law says any prick who tries to claim me against my will either loses his dick or dies. So, what’s your choice, puppy, because I’m losing patience really fucking fast.”

The men in Dana's life were feckin hawt as well. Nathan was all alpha male and was determined to claim her no matter what she said. It kinda frustrated me at times and he was awfully stubborn about it. To me, he pretty much threw her into the arms of the gorgeous, and patient Doctor(and his bff) John. Ahhh...John! He was wonderful...and was certainly my fav of the bunch. And Kody...the youngest of her perspective mates was hilarious.

It was quite enjoyable to see Dana needle Nathan when he was being all caveman on her. Especially when she told him she wanted to claim 4 mates....FUNNY!!

All in all, if you're looking for a light and funny PNR with a super naughty twist...then this is it!

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