Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Heat!!

The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf, #1)The Heat by Heather Killough-Walden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily St.Claire has always wanted her best friends brother...Daniel. But it seems that he doesn't feel the same since he's been with all of her friends but her. After returning back home to Baton Rouge 10 years later she reunites with Daniel and he's made a complete 180. But what Lily doesn't know is that Daniel's a werewolf and she is his attended mate. The only reason he didn't claim her 10 years ago was because he promised his sister that he would leave her alone. But know that Lily's all grown up and back in town all bets are off! He's going to make her his no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Lily is a Dormant(an attended werewolf mate and the only ones that can bare werewolf children) and Daniel's not the only Alpha out there trying to claim a mate. There's a killer on the loose in Baton Rouge and he's after Lily so Daniel forces his mark on her for protection...but werewolves aren't the only ones out there. Hunters are also targeting Dormants and werewolves to eradicate their race.

I was completely caught off guard by this werewolf tale. I wasnt super excited to read it but it was 99cents, Im a book junkie so I bought it anyway. And Im soooo glad that I did....I loved every minute of it. The romance was great and I was totally sucked in. What I loved about the heroine was that even though she's human and can't possibly defeat a werewolf she has balls and tries it anyway. For instance. When Malcom Cole takes Lily captive she burns his house down to escape..ballsy if you ask me!! There was a little mystery thrown in there too. There's a serial killer on the loose and all fingers point to Malcolm Cole. He's a famous mystery/thriller author and an Alpha werewolf who suposedly is a murderer who uses his exploits for his books...the problem is the Werewolf Council can't catch him in the act so they just leave him be. But later you find out that he's really not a killer and is plagued with a nasty curse. All in all I am definitely going to start the next one asap and am now a fan of the Big Bad Wolf series;)

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