Friday, June 10, 2011

Heart of the Wolf!!

Heart of the WolfHeart of the Wolf by Terry Spear

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devlyn a gray lupus garou saved Bella a red lupus garou from a wildfire that claimed the life of her entire family. Devlyn's pack takes Bella in and treats her like their own. The leader of the pack Volan wants Bella as his mate and Bella hates his guts. She also is in love with Devlyn and wants to mate with him. One day she decides she no longer wants to deal with Volan's aggressive advances at her and decides to run away from the pack. One-hundred and fifty years later and Bella's still on the run and is still in love with Devlyn. One day she goes out on a run in her red lupus garou form and gets tranqued by a hunter and gets put into a zoo. The hunter thinks Bella is a wild red wolf and wants to bring her to the zoo to mate with another red wolf that lives! Unfortunately, Volan finds out that she's in the zoo and sends Devlyn to retrieve her. When Devlyn see's Bella he decides right then and there that he's been an idiot for not running away with her and is determined to mate with her!

Of course Bella is in love with him and wants to mate with Devlyn but she knows in doing so...will bring Volans wrath and she doesn't think Devlyn can beat him. Devlyn knows that he can beat him and take over the pack and tries to get Bella to see reason and return to the pack so he can fight Volan to the death once and for all and be together forever.

On top of all of that there's a pack of red lupus garou in the area and one of them is murdering red-headed human females and trying to change them so that they can mate. Soon as they find out about Bella the leader of said pack thinks he has a claim on her since Devlyn and Bella are in their territory. So not only do they have Volan to deal with they also have; a nosy ass neighbor, a zoo keeper looking for a missing red wolf and a pack of horny red lupus garou hot on their trail!

What I loved the most about this werewolf tale was the fact that even though Bella wanted to be mated to Devlyn and vice versa they loved each other for them. Not because they were destined to be together. It was quite refreshing!! Usually in these werewolf tales or any other story about a couple being mated...the urge to mate came first. It was great to see a couple being in love with each other and willing to fight to the death for some one because they were in love...not destined to be mated!! I really enjoyed this story and the sex was super hot and I would definitely read another book buy this author;)

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