Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a shitty day...week for that matter!

Iv gotta vent today!!! This may take a while so bear with me;)

Tuesday...I took my car to get an oilchange! The next morning when I woke up(wednesday) My tire was flat! I was pissed to say the least! I called Jiffylube to tell them off they couldnt do shit! Luckily I had another car to use so I my hubby could get to work...riiiiight! So jack broke and I didnt have money for a new one at the time so I waited on my Stepdad to get off work so he can change my flat! Which wasnt til Saturday!

In case you're wondering...I live in an apartment complex...not a house! We dont have assigned parking..its first come first serve. So.....Thursday I recieve a sticker on my car that it will be towed because it was on a flat! Does that make sense???Not to ME!!!! So...Im fuming as you could guess..riiiight?!! I call my leasing office/customer service and they tell me that I have to move it asap and will give me two days! This was at like 3pm on Thursday! 9pm I hear a tow truck outside and I stop him from towing my car. He said that managment called them to tow my car!! See a problem yet???

He doesn't tow my car! And Im like Thank God!! I cant afford it! You know how much tows are?? This morning I had I screaming migrane so bad that at 5am I got to walgreens to get some excedrine!! Guess what I find?? Not my fucking car thats what!!! I had to wait til 10am for the customer service to open so that I can cuss them the FUCK out and all I get is a phone number and name to the tow company!!

So I went up there and got a copy of my lease and found nothing in there stating they had the right to tow my car...especially since it was parked legally and only on a which i was trying to fix!!

$200 later and 5 hours and one pissed off chic and Im finally home with my car and I dont know what to do! I want my fucking money back....I really need to find out what steps to take to fight this..this is bullshit!! Iv been living here for 5 years! My car was on a flat for 3 days and they towed it away like it was nothing!! They dont give a shit!! I just dont understand why they would do this to me!!

Its cars in this complex that havent run in months and theirs still remain and mine is gone after 3 days! 

URGHHH!! I just wanna hurt someone!! 

But never fear!! Will be in the mood to read sooner or later!! Damn bastards fucking up my weekend...anyhoo!! 
After listening to one of my favorite bands Cage the Elephant....I totally felt better!! The video is hilarious and everytime they say "Ooh ooh ooh ooh 
Ahh ahh ahh ahh Ooh ooh ooh ooh Ahh ahh ahh ahh" I felt better!! I know the song has nothing to do with my issue but it made me feel better and thats awesome! So Ill share it with yal!! So here's "Around My Head" by Cage the Elephant!!

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