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Early Review of Shadow Heir

Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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In this final installment of the Dark Swan series, Eugenie is about 5 months pregnant with the twins. She's been hiding from that asshole Kiyo and that beeznatch Maiwenn and secretly trekking to the doctors in the human world. Realizing what she's doing is just too dangerous for the twins, Roland sets her up with a shaman friend of his in Alabama so she can finish the remainder of her pregnancy in peace and safety. Yes....Alabama. What I loved about the theory, once she got down there, was the relaxation and sereneness of the place. The Reeds were the most loving and accepting couple. And Eugenie really needed that. I understood her wanting to stay there once the twins were born. But she soon got her shit together when she found out the whole Otherworld was experiencing a blight and left the twins with the Reeds.

I loved the fact that this was not soley about her and her pregnancy. I was sucked in right away....Richelle Mead has a way of doing that to ya:) Once Eugenie gets back to her kingdoms she realizes how bad it is. Everything is covered in snow and ice, her people are dying and starving. its just the worst possible scenario. One of my favorite parts of this books is with my buddy Volusian. In a meeting with Dorian and the others she asks Volusian if he thinks Varia, Queen of Yew Land was responsible for the blight and if he knew how to stop it. True Volusian style....he tells her yes! I just thought it was hilarious since all he had to do was tell her or Dorian a month ago. But whats the fun in that???

"....Why the hell didn't you tell someone sooner?"

I couldn't be certain, but I thought I saw the tiniest shrug of Volusian's shoulder. 

"Because, mistress," he said. "You never asked."

So, on with the adventure. Eugenie, Dorian, Jasmine, Pagiel, Rurik and my pal to the Yew Land to stop the evil Queen whose delusions of grander has her to believe she can stop the blight on the lands if Eugenie and Dorian accepting her rule.

What else can I say, but I loved it! It was a great conclusion to a great series. Even though Im kinda iffy on the decisions Eugenie made but it was still a surprising end. There a lot of secrets revealed, Eugenie kicks ass. Dorian is his usual snarky self with a new attitude that made me love him even more. This is definitely high in my top 5, favorite Urban Fantasy series and its all because of Mead  and the way she has you fall in love and sometimes hate with her characters that you just can help to want to read more about. I would love for her to revisit this world and just give us a little more. Can't wait to find out what great series she has up her sleeve now!

***Thank you soo much to Christen for providing this ARC...hopefully I can return the favor someday:) And you too Cat for passing it down to muah!***

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