Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleopatra's Men by Eve Langlais

Cleopatra's MenCleopatra's Men by Eve Langlais
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One former Egyptian queen plus two vampires equals a threesome with lots of bite.

I’ve paid my dues in Hell for my mistakes, but Satan thinks I’m too dangerous to keep around so he’s kicked me out into the modern world for a second chance.

Ambushed by a pest from my past, I’m rescued by a seriously hot vamp. I vowed to not allow men to use me anymore, a pledge forgotten with Michael’s first kiss. And when Julius, my first love, shows up bitter and angry, I can’t help but want him too.

Maybe I do deserve the nickname Whore Queen, for I’ve decided I shall keep them both—naked in bed.

Eve Langlais has done it again!! I loved this unique take on Cleopatra's story. Iv always been intrigued by the Egyptian queen and loved the paranormal element thrown in. Cleo is nothing but a survivor and has always been used by men. Either for her body, her money or her crown. I thought it was amazing that she still was determined to be independent this time around and not let a man dictate her life. For once she wanted to be with a man because she wanted to. When Cleo met Michael there was an instant attraction and connection there...on both sides. But trouble comes when she finds out that her first love Julius Caesar was not dead as she was led to believe but turned into a vampire. And also Michael's bestfriend/roomate.

Julius is wrongfully pissed at Cleo because she chose to run into Marc Anthony's arms when he "died". And I think Cleo handled herself well when confronted with all the ugliness Julius threw her way:

Julius finally found his tongue and Michael could only shake his head in resignation as his friend still refused to admit his mistakes. “You talk of using, and yet here you are with Michael, fucking him and then spending his money.”
He didn't say it, but the innuendo was clear:
like a whore. Cleo looked at Julius sadly as she moved to stand next to Michael, who tucked her trembling body tight to his side. “I thought I might finally make the choice of being with someone because he makes me smile. I'm not after power, or prestige, or even his money. I've had them all and they never helped me when I hurt or cried alone. I just want to live and laugh. Is that so much to ask for?”

Once Julius realizes how wrong he was about Cleo...he realizes that he's still in love with her. But now she's with Michael and he will never betray his best friend. But there's light at the end of that tunnel, since Michael agree's to share Cleo with him. All they have to do is convince her that its ok.

Then there's the twit, Marc Anthony! He's just a crazy, evil bastard with his heart set on destroying Cleo once and for all! But he has to get past her men first!

All in all, This was an awesome read. And Im really hopping there will be more adventures for these three???


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