Thursday, October 27, 2011

de Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lust by C.D. Hussey!!!

de Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lustde Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lust by C.D. Hussey

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OMG....I love this series!! Thank you CD Hussey for providing me a copy of this book to review!!

In this sequel to La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust by C.D. Hussey, we folllow Kate. The outcast of her family with a secret lust for men with a goth edge. Since moving to the Big Easy, she's tried to map out a life for herself. With a great eye for art, she works part-time at a gallery. One of her favorite artists Lohr Varius is having a big show at her gallery and is quite smitten with Kate.

There were a million stories on the Internet regarding Lohr Varius. As the self-proclaimed king of the vampires, most of them surrounded his love of blood and blood play. Looking into his electric blue eyes, she didn't doubt those stories for a second. She'd dismissed the darker, more twisted rumors — he killed his subjects himself, or he was actually 150 years old — as nothing more than hype. She wasn't sure she could discount any of them now that she'd met the man in person. It did make him even more intriguing.

After her meeting with Lohr...shes got vampires on the brain. She's somewhat familiar with the Living Vampire subculture but always believed it to be an urban legend. But her encounter with Lohr, she's wondering if its really true. So Kate decides to see what all the hype is about with the Living Vampire culture and goes looking for La Luxure....

Slade...a Living Vampire, The Italian Stallion/Bartender at La Luxure. Since seeing his best friend Armand and his new wife Julia, he's starting to realize that he's sick of the single life. He no longer wants just a Donor. But a Donor/Lover and he thinks he might have found her in Kate.

Kate thinks Slade is a playboy....and she's also not sure why she's even attracted to him since Lohr Varius is more her type. So on goes the cat and mouse game with Kate and Slade....they really are made for each other.....

I liked this one more than the first one...if at all possible! I loved Slade in this, which was surprising cuz I didnt like him much in the first one. He was too judgemental when it came to Julia. But whatevs....I lovem now! Maybe its the fauxhawk...yummm!! This is a really cool world that Hussey has created with the Living Vamps...I just love it! If you're looking for something steamy thats not quite paranormal, but different...then please give it a try! Im sure glad I did!!

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