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Hell's Revenge by Eve Langlais!!!

Hell's Revenge (Princess of Hell, #3)Hell's Revenge by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

Includes a foursome, some serious ass kicking and a sexual orgy that boggles the mind.

Gotta love a warning!!!

Ok...Hell's Revenge was the shit, Muriel kicked major ass, Her men were smokin hot!! The sex was phenomenal....I loved it...The End!

My Thoughts in a nutshell, now for the real review.......

In the final installment of The Princess of Hell series by Eve Langlais....leaves off where Snowballs in Hell left off. Muriel's mom drops in and tells her she's pregnant by her two beau's. So of course she tries to kill the bitch...since she abandoned her to her father and is raised in hell! Ummm...yeah....Muriel's got Mommy issues. And to top it all off....The Big Bad Evil now wants her child to raise and be destroyer of the world! Muriel also learns that her two men aren't enough to sustain her nympho magic and is very attracted to a sexy vamp she meets in hell. Lots of questions are answered and the final battle begins...Can her Angel Consort and Panther-Shifter hunk, handle the new competition? Will Muriel finally let the boys get some back door action? And just who is The One, thats got the demons wrapped around their little finger?

Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love Eve Langlais and how much Iv been waiting for the release of Hells Revenge! The wait is over and now Im sad...Im really going to miss Muriel! She's so temperamental...that one!! The way that Auric handles her is great. It really takes a different kinda man to handle a Princess of Hell.

Of course, pleasure sometimes came with pain. Naked, wet and horny, I couldn’t wait to get sucked or fucked. Instead, I ended up splayed on my stomach over David’s naked lap. “Aw, come on,” I complained—not too hard, though. I did enjoy some firm correction from time to time. But like or not, I still played the part of unwilling submissive. “She totally deserved that for interrupting our nice family dinner.” I tried to rear up, a foolhardy attempt what with David’s large hand holding me firmly down.

All in all, it was great! Everything I expected and MORE!! David finally grew a backbone and the new vampire lover was super sexy! Can't resist a hot vampire in all black ready to fight off demons for you:

"...didn’t help me at all when faced with one who stared at me with dark enigmatic eyes and a dimple in one cheek. I cursed at the fact that even given my danger, my damned nympho magic perked up at his masculine grin. Somehow, the fact I found him attractive even as I knew he was going to attempt to kill me seemed wrong. I bet he’s got a hard stake, my snide magic murmured in my mind with a lusty chuckle. Some people had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other as the voices of their conscience. Me, I had a whole legion of little devils and, while entertaining, they really made me question my sanity at times.

I swear Muriel is a riot! Oh and I can't forget the reason for Muriel's existence...Lucifer!! I loved that he's not a bad guy(per se)...he's a great dad and loves his daughter! They really had some funny ass moments:

“Seriously dad, would it have killed you to knock?” It wasn’t embarrassment that made me angry, but more the fact he’d ruined what I bet would have been some great morning nookie.

“My castle. My room. I can go wherever I want,” he snapped.

“Fine. Then I guess we’ll just leave.” Two could play this game. He narrowed his eyes at me.

“You’re testing my patience, Muriel.”

“And you’re getting on my last nerve,” I retorted. “Now, care to tell me why your thong is in a knot?”

“Ha. I stopped wearing underwear a hundred years ago,” my dad replied.

I really wish I woulda read this was soooo good! Once again Eve Langlais writes a funny, sexy tale that will leave your panties wet and tummy tickling!! A great ending to an awesome series by an author that is made of awesome!

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