Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favourites

This is a post started by Sue over at Satin's Bookish Corner. So....Ima tell you a little about my favorite book character every week!
This week my favorite book character is the inspiration for my name....Vane Kattalakis from The Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon! He is my all time favorite male character and Im not sharing:) You have to read this series...if you haven't Sherrilyn Kenyon is a gem!!

Here is my VANE!!


Gotta love a werewolf that can kick major ass, go anywhere in the world with just a thought, travel in time and  loves his women with curves...sigh!! Hands off ladies...Im Vanes True Mate...LOL!

“I'm human," he said in a tormented tone. "And I'm not." He dropped his hand to her shoulder. "I never knew softness," he breathed. "Not until the moment you touched me in your store. My life is violent and dangerous. Its dark and twisted and no place for someone like you. I have more people wanting me dead than I can count. They will stop at nothing, and you.." He ground his teeth before he spoke again. "You'll never want again for anything in your life. I swear it on what little bit of human soul I have left.” 


  1. Ooooh, how interesting. I've always wondered what inspired your name. I had no idea who Kattalakis was. Now I've gotta add this to the reading pile ;)

  2. Oh I just love the Dark Hunter books!! Reading these and Sookie is what brought me to Goodreads actually!!


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