Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dirty Little Secret #3

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"If you could jump into a time travel machine and it takes you back to when you were a kid, what would your TV be playing then?"

Well....its not very sexy. I was one of those girls that liked to wear dresses and ride barbies and play in the dirt I wouldn't say I was a tomboy as a kid....I was all over the place! I would not only be watching Barbie and the Rockers as well as watching Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles.....LOL! I never missed an episode of TMNT! Loved the movies as well!!! Donatello was my fav!!


  1. I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid and still like em even now. You are never too old for cartoons :P Mikey!

  2. I think Donatello was my favourite as well. :)

    Here is my shame-worthy secret ;)

  3. I still watchem with my daughter!!

  4. Aww, I used to play with Barbies and be in the dirt too! So cool!


  5. Oh, I remember these guys! Even saw the movie!
    I don't like the new ones, though.

  6. Vanesmate@ Wow freaky background on your blog, I love it! My brothers used to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The movies were cool! New Follower too!

  7. I used to play with Barbies in the dirty, does that count. My fave turtle was Leo.

  8. alright now...Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles to the shit!!!! LOL Love it!

  9. Wow, I used to watch this one too, even saw the movie.
    New follower!

    Psique @ Book Travels

  10. Lol!! Omd! That is cute! Barbie dolls and TMNT! I haven't watched that show in soooo long or the movies!

    Great Choices!

  11. I loved the movies. Haven't watched them in a long long time. Maybe it's time haha.
    My DLS: DirtyLittleSecret

  12. *pouts* My mom would not let me have a Barbie. She said it represented a body type that was impossible and put undue pressure on girls to be skinny. That was my Hippie mom for you. But, she did let me watch TMNT...

    Bona Fide Reflections

  13. The Ninja Turtles were hilarious! It always made me hungry for pizza hahaha and then there was the giant rat that was there dad, right? I remember too when they came out with the movies! That show was awesome!!!

    Following back!
    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  14. That was a fun one too! Thanks for stopping by! New Follower :)

  15. Proserpine...thanks!!! Its just my Halloween Look..its my favorite holiday!!

    I loved the Movies! I still rent them from time to time. I don't like the new TMNT though!

    Thank to all of you for stopping by and thanks to the new followers too:))

  16. Hubby and I have all of the movies ^-^ I love the one where they go to Japan, because I'm the only one between the two of us who knows what they're saying at times.

    Here's my Dirty Little Secret


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