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Review: Blood Law by Karin Tabke

Blood Law by Karin Tabke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"By all that is holy, Falon, how can I not want to make love to you when your body calls to mine? How can I not think of making love to you when I see your love for me shine in your eyes? Tell me, how am I not to think of the most sacred act between a man and a woman when I am with you?" 
Hot tears burned her eyes. He kissed them away.
"My love, the day I stop thinking of having sex with you is the day you bury me."

Rafael and Lucien...twin brothers. One of light the other dark. Both...because of the slaughter of their parents when they were youths are both leaders of their pack. Upon returning from his spiritual request , Rafael discovers his brother under the thrall of a Slayer( the bane of their existence). Slayer's are magic wielding hunters of the Lycan kind and to lay with one is to die. Lucien has his heart set on marking the female Slayer as his mate but Rafe sees her for who she really is and murders rips our her heart while his brother is banging her.

Of course a huge battle between the brothers ensues and they almost kill each other. Lucien demands Blood Law...which means that once Rafe takes a mate she is Luciens to kill! An eye for an eye. So the division of the Packs has begun and the brothers are forever enemies. For years Rafe has refrained from taking a mate not wanting to give his brother the satisfaction. But a chance meeting with Falon has him torn. Time is running out...the final battle between the Slayers and the Lycans is fast approaching and the future of the entire Lycan  race is on Rafe's shoulders if he can sacrifice Falon to his brother.

I absolutely loved this book. Ima HUGE sucker for a good shifter book every since I read Shifter series by Rachel Vincent! But his one is way more steamier. The Lycan Lore in this world is pretty interesting. from the induction of the Slayers to the Packs as a unit. Since this blood feud between Rafe and Lucien Lycans are in danger of extinction. Since neither of them has taken a mate no others in the Pack can....the same goes for having children.

Rafe literally is backed against the wall. For 7years he's been adamant that his brothers would be mate was a Slayer. Lucien in his heart of hearts believes Rafe killed his mate, his love, so he can be the only Alpha. Then he meets Falon and initially is prepared to sacrifice her  so he can take a real Lycan mate and their Pack can flourish. But the more time he spends with Falon the more he starts to question giving her up!

Falon is no damsel by no stretch of the imagination. She's tough and has some nifty powers of her own. And once she learns of her proposed fate....she's not going down without a fight! I love that about her.

Lucien is not the only one who has his sights on Falon. Recognizing a fighter and a worthy mate in her own right but also wanting to get his revenge. An eye for an eye.

All in all, great start to a series that can also be in my top ten! It has everything a good PNR should have; hot, steamy sex scenes, intrigue, drama, blood, guts, Two Delicious Alpha Males, a Kick-Ass Alpha Female and a cliffhanger that will kill you!

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  1. You know what as soon as I finish these review books I'm reading this series, I was just looking last night because I was thinking I need to read Sinners on Tour, and I think HeatherJay made a book in this series her WoW last week, but I need to read this because I've been reading so many YA books lately, that I need some smut, and your review just made me realize this is a must read. Loved your review. V xoxo

  2. Oh girlfriend this series is definitely HOT! Im dying to read the next last book! I believe that was me that had Sinners' for WoW last week...I know heather and myself are dying to read it though ;)


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