Monday, May 7, 2012

On Demon Wings Blog Tour

Welcome to the On Demon Wings Blog Tour Hosted by Seeing Night Reviews. On this stop of the tour the sexiest and enigmatic Dex Foray will be stoping by to chat....I for one am excited to see what he has to say! 

Why you should watch Experiment in Terror (and not the other guys)

By Dex Foray

Right…so, normally I don’t come onto Shownet’s website and say my piece because, let’s face it, Perry Palomino has the gift of words (and a bigger rack than I), and I’m much more comfortable doing my thing behind the camera as the overlording puppet master. But while Perry wins audiences with her oddly charming personality and well-shaped ass, she’s too polite to say anything about the truly evil menace that lurks in the dark. And by that I mean Spook Factory. 

Who is Spook Factory, you ask? Well if that’s the case then thank fuck you haven’t heard of them. Sometime after our show, Experiment in Terror, debuted on Shownet and got some pitiful praise from the ghost-fearing public, Spook Factory popped up. Eschewing the high-budget style you find on TV, Spook Factory tried to copy the same sense of “what the fuck are we doing?” as Perry and I have, only with two hosts, a Vin Diesel showpony and a Wiccan flower child. A little healthy competition is fine (along with a shot of bourbon, it’s essential for getting my ass out of bed) but not when they’re out there to sabotage us. I’d say more but the big cheese just warned me about getting sued for libel. IS THERE NO SUCH THING AS FREE SPEECH ANYMORE? 

But listen, my beef isn’t just with the douchebucket duo, it’s with every ghost hunting show out there. When was the last time you watched one of those shows and actually saw something supernatural? When was the last you were actually entertained? Shit, you have a bunch of pompous fucktards who pretend to know what they’re doing, looking back at the camera like they’re some ghost whisperer , analyzing every noise like it’s a message from beyond the grave when all it is a couple of farts from the cameraman. 

Experiment in Terror gives you something different. We don’t promise you “hard evidence” and we don’t act like we know everything. We know nothing, really. But what we encounter is real, the fear is real, Perry’s ability to see and attract the dead is (unfortunately) real – it’s all real in its very raw and ugly glory. Sure I may fart on occasion but Perry will never mistake that as paranormal activity. She’s got bigger problems at hand, like trying not pee her pants when a dead mental patient comes after her.

This shit is real and that’s why you should watch our show and not the others. We’re just a couple of fuck-ups making the best of a horrifying situation and inviting the world along for the ride.


Want more of Dex?? Read Experiment in Terror silly..... 

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  1. I am scared of big open spaces when I am alone. And spiders. They suck.

  2. Ha! Im not really scared of em...they just give me the creeps! But open spaces at thanks!

  3. Well said.

  4. I'm scared of tornadoes.

  5. Scared of things beyond my control, so like everything, right?

  6. What scares me??? PITCH DARK where you can't see your hand in front of your face, dark...always has, always will.

  7. Clowns scare me. And spiders. And The Thing Under My Bed.

  8. arteemus....My lil cousin is scared of clowns, I terrified him constantly! Im a stinker like that...hehe;)

  9. Arteemus, if clowns, spiders and things under your bed scare you, On Demon Wings will terrify you! Haha. Really.

  10. Spiders. I hate those fuckers.

  11. Damn. Finished Lying Season last night. I need On Demon Wings! Wha??? Why??? I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

  12. Too bad I missed this giveaway. If I knew I would love this series so much I would have surly entered.


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