Monday, May 2, 2011

The Perfect Union by Trina Lane!!

The Perfect Union (Perfect Love Series, #1)The Perfect Union by Trina Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Shiznat!!! This was one hot feckin book!! Wife and mother of twin boys finds out that her husband has been killed in Iraq. Distraught and hysterical and at a coffee house when she finds out, Rick Connor and Conor McGuire(complete strangers) offers her a ride home. From that moment on Rick and Conor make a vow to protect this woman. Three years pass and they have become a loving family as Rick and Conor become surrogate fathers to her boys. But Rick and Conor have a secret...they're in love with Calliegh and want to make her theirs...become a triad. This was an awesome story about unconditional love. Eventhough it was not a stretch her Calliegh to partake in this was a problem for those around them. I loved that they stood for what they believed in and became a strong loving family because of it. They really became a perfect union;)

This book had amazing HOT sex with a menage twist. And a male with a hot Irish accent!! I loved it...5 stars;)

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