Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Dark by Jack Brighton

In the dark In the dark by Jack Brighton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok...so I read this since my gurl Cat recommended it to me(i know it was a joke)! But look at the cover..I just had to! Although I did enjoy it somewhat...it was a little disturbing in the begining. Like when Duncan's unknown "kidnapper" makes him deep throat him! That was a little too much! Eventhough the kidnapper told him that the only way he will pleasure him was if he begged him...it was consensual sex but come on!! Its dark...and the kidnapper is touching on him and he's getting horny so obviously they get down to it but I still had a problem with him forcing his dick down Duncan's throat and gaging him with it...then the kidnapper deep throats him(no choking) and says he will continue only if he does him to. So what do you think Duncan does??? Of course he sucks him off too! After all of that Duncan finally begs his captor to fuck him and he has the best sexual experience of his life....THE END!! I would have gave it a better rating if it wasn't for the "deep throat" debacle...cuz after that the sex was hot! But I just couldn't get over it!!

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