Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Shifter Series by Rachel Vincent

  Stray starts out with Faythe Sanders a werecat that breaks away from her Pride to find her independence. She doesn't want to do whats expected of her, which is get married and have babies. She makes a life for herself...friends and a boyfriend and she seems content with that. Until one night a Stray tries to kidnap her and her father(who is also the Alpha of their Pride) sends her ex-fiance Marc to bring her back home and keep her safe. So its up to Faythe and her fellow Pridemates to un cover the ones responsible for other missing tabbies. This was an awesome series!! And was my first series predominately about shifters and I loved every second of it! There's a great love triangle between Marc, Faythe and Jace...her brothers best friend! Each book gets better and better. Faythe is no tame tabby and through out the series she's Kicking Ass and Taking names! All in all a great series that I will now add to my favorites and I will re-read piles! Thank you Ms. Vincent for creating such an amazing series with lotsa gore and action and emotional trama...I loved it!! I feel proud to say that Ms. Vincent has popped my Shifter cherry!!LOL

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