Thursday, April 28, 2011

Venice Vampyr 3 by Tina Folsom

Venice Vampyr: Sinful Treasure (Venice Vampyr #3)Venice Vampyr: Sinful Treasure by Tina Folsom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was great to be back with one of my favorite authors Tina Folsom!! The 3rd installment of the Venice Vampyr series follows Lorenzo. The self proclaimed playboy and friends of Dante and Stephan from previous books. One night while settling into his new home he finds a pleasant surprise by the name of Bianca waiting in his bed chambers. He thinks its a housewarming gift from his buddies and is very grateful. Whats an aroused Vampire to do???Rock her world thats what!! Bianca just found out that her estranged father has passed and leaves her his house and all off his debt. Then a mysterious man(Lorenzo) absolves the debt of her father and takes the house as payment. For Bianca no love is lost between her and her father so she has come back to Venice for one reason and one reason claim the treasure her father once told her about when she was little that should be enough to start a new life for herself. When she meets Lorenzo he begins to be more tempting than any treasure she can think of.

Lorenzo is not one to trust humans...since he was betrayed by a lover once. But when he meets Bianca she stirs something in him that he thought was dead a long time. Bianca is no innocent...she's a courtesan trained to give men pleasure but this treasure of her fathers can give her a fresh start so that she can be her own master. What starts out as a quest for her own independence turns into the finding the one true person that loves and cherishes her like no other!

This was filled with lotsa emotion and scorching hot sex and I loved every second of it. I really connected with Lorenzo and Bianca and it was nice seeing old friends like Dante and Stephan and their wives Bella and Viola! I've never found a Tina Folsom book that I haven't liked yet and I know there will never be!! 5 Stars!!!

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