Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally read This Side of the Grave...YAY!

OMG! I've been so excited to read this that I not only pre-ordered it on Kindle PC, I also ordered it on paperback! There's just some books that you have to have on your shelf...if you feel like I do then you know what I mean!! So here's what I thought of book 5 of NH:

 ** spoiler alert ** Boy was it good to be back with Cat and Bones!! I loved it! To me Cat has grown so much since the begining and the love that she and Bones share is so amazing! One of my favorite parts of the story(there are so many)was when they first checked in the Ritz in New Orleans and that snobby beeyatch pissed Cat off...then Bones tells her hubby that she's screwing the plumber: “She’s rogering the plumber every Thursday while you’re at the club." The woman let out a shocked gasp even as her husband’s face became mottled. “You told me he was laying pipe, Lucinda!” Bones grunted. “Right you are, mate.”. Priceless!! I loved the development of the characters as well. Especially Vlad, I'm glad he was in this story more. So glad Cat finally killed Apollyon's ass! Boy was he a pain in the butt. And to think all this time he was a pussy!! I couldn't believe it! Can't wait until the next one comes out and I hope there's some Ian in that one...I really missed him! Loved his line: “Am I the only one who has wood over that little vixen?”....I just loved it!! So many things I loved about this one! I loved the Chapter everyone was talking about...when cat bites back! wow is all I will say about that! I was so surprised about Joan of Arc being the other Half-breed, wasn't expecting that one! I missed Cat and Bones so much that it was sad to finish the book:(

Maybe I should have stretched it out a bit...oh well! Once again, Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings and a now **Giddy** Vampsessed Chick:)

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