Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Danann Frost Falls from Grace

So...a couple of days ago I read a book called Danann Frost Falls from Grace. Let me tell ya, I absolutely loved it.  It starts out in 1800's Ireland with a vampire, Prince Seth, who meets an Angel.  When said Angel is on the human plane she cannot remember her name so she asks him to give her one.  He decides to name her Danann. They fall in love and she decides that she will not give him up and go back home so she decides to fall from grace.  As soon and she does this Seth and his village is under attack.  Seth see's Danann and doesn't know that she has fallen and notices that the enemy is closing on her, so he tells her to get away so he can protect her.  She thinks that he really meant for her to leave because he didn't want her.  So 200 years pass. She's "moved on" he finds her and basically demands that she be "his". She's been heartbroken for 200 years because the love of her life rejected her and left her to the wolves and he is pissed and bent on revenge because he thinks that she left him. The whole situation was a BIG misunderstanding.

Anywhoo....I absolutely love this story. As soon as I read the plot I knew that I would like it...I mean come on! A vampire and an Angel falling in love? What's not to love right?! All they had to do was communicate and things would have been good. But what's the fun in that
?! I just fell in love with the characters...the story was original. I just don't know what else to say but Bravo Joannne Valiukas!!  If you are reading this please get off your asses and get a copy of this book right NOW!! It's well worth it! Ciao:)

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