Monday, March 14, 2011

Not just about Vamps with Me Hunny!

The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
There are so many words that I can think of to express my how I feel about this series. I started out reading KMM's Highlander series...which is amazing! I got to like the 3 book and after sooooo many people on GR obsessing about this series I said..."why not"! This is by far the best UF/PNR I've read EVER!! I was captivated by the first book! So glad that I got on the Fevertrain late because let me tell ya...the cliffhangers are BRUTAL! But amazing story. The world that KMM has created is dark and seductive and so many other things rolled into one.  You follow Mac through a journey of self discovery and finding out about her sisters murderer. There's super duper HOT Fae...such as V'lane! Loved him!! And the enigmatic far the best male character ever created...barnone!! If you haven't read this series're nuts...jk! Please do it...right now!! ***WARNING***Make sure you have all the books me you will thank me later.  If you have read this series and you've got the FEVER like know what I mean!!

How I pictured Barrons when I was reading this series!!

 Come ON!! Isn't that perfection!

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