Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why I picked up my first Dark Hunter book


It all began when I was in the middle of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series.  I was in a grocery store and I saw "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I thought...huh?! That cover looks interesting! When I was on "Dead and Gone" I began looking for another PNR series...really I didn't know much about PNR! The only series' I've ever read was Twilight and Sookie. I went to borders and bought "Dead in the Family" and I saw "Infinity" again. At first I was going to buy it but I decided to look it up and lo and's part of a series!! I purchased "Fantasy Lover" and "Night Pleasures"...I fell in love with "Fantasy Lover"! I know what you're thinking..."It has nothing to do with the Dark Hunter world!" I read the reviews...blah blah blah!! I loved it...and I understood the connection! It introduced the Greek Mythology and set up the plot about Kyrian...hello...he was Julian's best friend! Remember when he saw him at the club with Grace?? So shut up! LOL. I just don't get how one could not love the Dark Hunter series. The characters are awesome...Simi is hilarious! Which by the way, I hope get's her own book...I love The Simi!! Acheron is HOTT and he is bad ass, he spoils Simi to death, he is sarcastic as hell and has such a big heart...when he shouldn't...really! Zarek is misundertood...and is sexy as well! Now that he has Astrid he's like a big teddy bear! Valerius started out as a big snob and I couldn't stand him, but by the time I read "Sieze the Night" I fell in love! Tabitha...she is just the awesomest!! They totally complement each other! She is just great! Vane...which is my the sexiest of the series in my opinion. He loves his brothers, can KICK ass like no other and he adore's Bride...his other mate...tehee!! *spoiler alert*I almost lost it in "Bad Moon Rising" when he sacrificed himself for his brother!

Now there is one character in which I HATE...I am sure those of you that love DH as much as I do know who I am talking about...ARTEMIS!! UGH she is such as selfish, kiniving stank ass BITCH!! Please Ms. Kenyon KILL the bitch! I know I know...she's makes a great villian but things will be so much better if she would just eat dirt...right?! She ruins everything....Ahhh I love to hate Artemis! I could just go on and on about these characters. So....The moral of the story is...GET YOUR ASSES OUT AND GET THE FIRST TWO BOOKS OF THE DARK HUNTER SERIES!! If you don't like it? You are a lame!! Just kidding..but seriously! I loved it...can't wait til the next one comes out...way in August or some shit....way too long, but oh well! What are ya gonna do?! Sherrilyn Kenyon is the best and if you've read DH you know this and if you haven't....what are you waiting for?! Once again, I'm sure no one's reading this but me but oh well. I need to get things off my chest...but if you are...Thank you for stopping by Ciao;)

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