Tuesday, June 19, 2012

White Trash Zombie

 The Cover Story is be a weekly post, hosted by Pure Textuality, highlighting a book cover and our thoughts on the artwork. This will cover not only new releases, but also older titles.

This week I would like to discuss one of my favorite series(I have many) , but this cover is just bad ass to me! White Trash Zombie series by Diana Rowland follows Angel Crawford who is pretty much a low life, but when she's inadvertently turned into a Zombie and given a job at the local  morgue things start to change for the better! Who woulda thunk being turned into a Zombie would better someones life....but it does. She starts to learn responsibility, stops drinking and doing drugs....well basically because she doesn't want to and all she can think about is eating brains...but, I found the book to be pretty awesome! While the cover of the 1st book is my favorite the 2nd one pulls no punches! I just love it! Dan Dos Santos is very talented!!

 Angel Crawford is a loser

Living with her alcoholic deadbeat dad in the swamps of southern Louisiana, she's a high school dropout with a pill habit and a criminal record who's been fired from more crap jobs than she can count. Now on probation for a felony, it seems that Angel will never pull herself out of the downward spiral her life has taken.

That is, until the day she wakes up in the ER after overdosing on painkillers. Angel remembers being in an horrible car crash, but she doesn't have a mark on her. To add to the weirdness, she receives an anonymous letter telling her there's a job waiting for her at the parish morgue—and that it's an offer she doesn't dare refuse.

Before she knows it she's dealing with a huge crush on a certain hunky deputy and a brand new addiction: an overpowering craving for brains. Plus, her morgue is filling up with the victims of a serial killer who decapitates his prey—just when she's hungriest!

Angel's going to have to grow up fast if she wants to keep this job and stay in one piece. Because if she doesn't, she's dead meat.

 Angel is starting to settle into this whole “being a zombie” thing, but her problems are far from over. Her felony record is coming back to haunt her, more zombie hunters are popping up, and she’s beginning to wonder if her hunky cop-boyfriend is involved with the zombie mafia. Yeah, that’s right — the zombie mafia. Throw in a government conspiracy and a secret lab, and Angel’s going to need all of her brainpower — and maybe a brain smoothie as well — in order to get through it without falling apart.

Releases July 3rd 2012


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