Monday, June 18, 2012

From Helios to Hollywood

 From Helios to Hollywood will be a weekly post hosted by Pure Texuality,to  compare and discuss books that have been made into movies (or occasionally TV shows). We will highlight one book to film per week. Sometimes the book is better, sometimes the movie is better. We will have to wait to see the opinions roll in!

This week I would like to discuss The Vampire Diaries! I started reading the books when the show started and I found i quite enjoyable...a little dated(since it's in the 90's) but a great read! But in all honesty...the show is WAAAY better in my opinion! Even though Elena does annoy me in both the books and the Damon and Stephan every week is just the cherry on my sundae! And with all the Alphalicious candy on the show its no wonder I'm panting after every episode!

All in all, The Vampire Diaries TV show is better than the books....which is unusual since its normally the opposite! But hey....I aint complaining! So to all my followers....what do you think? The Vampire Diaries....TV show or Books??


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