Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Selfish Slatern

 Hump Day Harlots, hosted by Pure Textuality,will be a post to highlight and discuss our favorite (or least favorite) female character in a romance or erotica novel. We will be highlighting a different female character every week. *Warning: May include explicit content*

The Harlot in question this week is Kiera from the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens. This chick is a selfish, whinny, spineless whoebag!

Why?? Because she fucks her boyfriends best friends while he's out trying to be an adult and make a life and future for her! She does get some serious temptation trust up in her the name of Kellan Kyle, but if she would just use her noggin' instead of her snatch then she wouldn't have gotten herself into the shit she was in! I mean these two idiots(Kellan and Kiera) repeatedly squanked behind poor Denny's back....whilst Kiera squanked Denny as well! Poor guy...its no wonder he beat Kellan within an inch of his life towards the end! So Kiera....selfish, spineless, whoebag too the max. If she would have just told Denny that she was no longer in love with him when he quit his job to be with her than all the drama could have been avoided...But was entertaining as hell!!

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