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Jealous and Freakn' by Eve Langlais

Jealous And Freakn' (Freakn' Shifters, #2)Jealous And Freakn' by Eve Langlais
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In this sequel to Delicate Freakn' Flower by the awesomest Eve Langlais. We follow Francine....best friend to Naomi. Every since she was a child, she knew Mitchell(Naomi's brother) was her mate. But he's always seen her as a sister. Even when she developed into a teenager and then an adult he's avoided Francine like the plauge. Then she runs into the goregous cat shifter Alejandro and her wolf recognizes him as her mate as well.

Alejandro is brother to Javier(one of Naomi's mates) and prides himself as being a playboy. He loves women...epecially taken women. He's on the run from some crazy hunter who found out that he slept with his daughter. But when he runs into Francine he forgets everything and wants nothing more than to claim her. His beast recognizes her as his mate. Desperate to see her happy, he proposes that he and Francine pretend to be a couple to make Micthell jealous so he will recognize his feelings for her are in no way sisterly. But a game of pretend has them both wondering...is this real? Is Mitchell really her mate? And if so...will Micthell stop being such a stubborn ASS and admit his feelings for Francine

One of my favorite scenes from this book was definitely the "fake" kiss in front of her job.

Lightning struck, leaving him dazed, but even in his befuddled state, which had his cat yeowling, he remembered how to move his mouth against hers. To grasp her lower lip between his and suck on it until she panted. A sane man would have broken off the kiss at that point, but unfortunately all reason seemed to have fled him. He didn’t stop, instead, he pressed his hard thigh against her core, which straddled him, and licked the seam of her mouth, tasting her.

Need her. Need to claim her. Fuck her. Mark her. Oh shit.

Before he could bend her over and take her, damn anybody watching, he released her, and she stumbled back. God, she looked so beautiful with her face flushed, lips swollen, and he could hear her heart pounding even over her huffing breath. He wanted to drag her back to him. Kiss her again. Take her somewhere and make love to her until her nails raked his back and she begged him to mark her. To keep her forever.

I am in so much fucking trouble. “See you in a little while,” he managed to say through his growing panic. It killed him to ignore the disappointment that clouded her expression along with the confusion—and lust, lust for him, not Mitchell.

Straightening her spine, she threw him a feeble smile. “Well, that wasn’t so bad. At least I don’t want to throw up like I did with Ken a few years back. Of course, in his defense, I’d downed a lot of Sex On The Beach shooters. But next time, mind groping me a little more? No one’s ever going to believe we’re madly passionate about each other with your hands not even grabbing my ass. I mean, seriously. You’ll have to do better.”

I swear Francine was sooo wrong for that one...she was definitely feeling that kiss. But her unwillingness to seem vulnerable and easy she decided to bust his balls instead. I thought it was funny as hell!

I love love loved this one! Francine was almost as foul-mouthed as Naomi...and it was awesome! There were a lot of things that pissed me off with Mitchell. He was soooo stubborn. He really avoided Francine as much as he could. I mean...this fucker made an art out of, how to allude a horny she-wolf...LOL! He was such an ass. To me, when he first realized that he wanted Francine and they decided to give it a shot...he just got worse. And it was unfair of him to try and make Francine choose. But in the end they got it togethr..thank GOD! Alejandro....he was utterly delicous. Devious, sexy and all Alpha. Just how I like em..LOL!

Once again, Eve has a winner here! All of her books are tons of fun and sexy as hell. Can't wait to read Already Freakn' Mated..I know it will be awesome as well!

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