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Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires, #5)Drink Deep by Chloe Neill
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Since the devestation of Hard Bitten...Im not even going to comment on that one....

Merit's trying to cope with life without Ethan:( There's a trouble brewing in Tha Chi...and all the lakes and rivers have turned black. Since Merit still stands Sentinel of Cadogan House she must investigate the issue. Without her sexy partner Ethan she now settles for Jonah. Hottie Captain of Grey House and member of the RG. I dont know how Im going to write this review without spoilers...but Ima try! since the rivers turning black the new Mayor on their ass and is trying to pass that stupid registration law. The picketeers and reporters are still harassing the vamps of Cadogan House. Merit never did dissapoint with her comments and ablitlity to deal with the media:

"Merit, is this the start of the apocolypse?" piped a reporter in the back.

"I certainly hope not. But if I'm going down, let it be in Chicago with a redhot in hand. Am I right?"

Jonah has the hots for Merit....shes not ready since she misses Ethan! And is still dreaming of him(wierd dreams might I add). Mallory is being a beeyotch cuz of her magic crap she's going through. Luc and Lindsey are still going strong. Eventhough she kinda pissed me off since she encouraged Merit to hook up with Jonah(Im true to Ethan...thank you!)...but she was still funny as hell! Oh and the dickwad receiver from the GP. OMG....Frankfuter was a complete ass!! of my favs! Not so much anymore but I wont'll know when ya read it! Since Catcher was a big disappointment, my sexy caramel Malik stayed true and I loved it!

" are hereby ordered to leave this House, Mr. Cabot."

"You have no power to order me out."

Malik arched a very Ethan-like eyebrow at Frank. "I have power to remove any forces that are disruptive to this House....No one would argue that you fall well within that category. You have ten minutes to remove your belongings."

"I will report you to the GP."

"I'm sure you will", Malik said. "You may report that our House is well in order, that is home to brave and true vampires. Oh--and you can also advise them that Merit has been reappointed as Sentinel."

He smiled a bit evilly, and I had to bite back my own wide grin.

"Take that back to the GP, Mr.Cabot. And should the urge arise, feel free to tell them to fuck off."

All in all, this was definitely one of my favs of the series...some unanswered questions that I cant wait to read Biting Cold to find out!!!! Full of plenty of Ethanisms that had this Chicago girl smile, cry and jump for joy!
Wow...that was hard to write without spoilers....Now for the good stuff!!
Spoilers Below.......You've been warned..........................
Although, Im jumping for joy that Ethan is back! And Merit has her man back...there's still some unanswered questions. Whats the Order going to do about Mallory?

Yea...she fucked up! And so did Catcher....he shoudla known that something was going on instead of thinking it was just Simon. He should know better...he does no better. I just hope that it doesnt result in something happening to our man Ethan. I do love the direction this series has taken though. Mallory is addicted to black magic..who woulda thunk it?? And what the HELL is Tate??? Im at a loss, cant wait to find out! Oh and whats Merit going to do about the RG and is she going to tell Ethan since they're no longer on good terms with the GP. And is there going to be a love triangle?? Ya know how much I love those.... I just loved everything about this book...thats my was well worth the wait!

Miss Vain...I now have officially forgiven you now that Ethan's back!!LOL!

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