Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Darkhouse by Karina Halle

Darkhouse by Karina Halle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Perry Palamino is a 22-year-old slacker. Always wonder what the hell she wants to do with her life. With a degree under her belt and a thank-less job as a receptionist she's just not happy! Perry's always had the feeling that she was meant for something but not quite sure what that is. She has these terrifying dreams about creepy man and is being stalked by some crazy clown lady. On a weekend away at her uncle's she stumbles across this lighthouse and feels compelled to go in there. The lighthouse is scary as hell and is well known to be haunted. While in her trek through the lightghouse she has a scary encounter with some ghosts and runs into Dex Forray. Some unexplainable things go on in this lighthouse and she has some great stuff on film. So she blogs about it....and posts the video's on YouTube. She gets quite the fan-base in blogverse and things start to fall in place for her. Then she gets a call from the egnimatic Dex Forray and he offers her an oportunity to be host on a internet show with him to go with the story she wrote about her encounter at the lighthouse.
So off they go....Dex and Perry, back to the ominous lighthouse or "Darkhouse".

This was an awesome, scary, dark and gritty tale that I just got sucked into. Iv never read a story such as this one. The whole asepct seemed so real to me. Like most Dark Fantasy or UF books out there you always just believe the story...believe where the narrator is taking you. But this felt so real to me and many times I Perry really seeing this?? Is she crazy? That being said I just found a new series to obsess over. Perry is complicated and kicks total ass. She also has great taste in music! And then there's Dex...he has this crazy, wonky, Jonny Depp/Robert Downey Jr thing going on. Very ecentric in a very sexy way. I swear fans of Dark Fantasy will love this series and the sexual tension between Dex and Perry is smokin'. Please this damn book! You won't be sorry!

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