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Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon!!!

RetributionRetribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All her life Abigail has had one goal! To kill Sundown Brady...she's always believed that he was the one who murdered her parents. Since thier death, she's been raised by Apolites( Beings made by Apolo, who killed his mistress and in turn he cursed them all to die on their 27th Birthday). So they've poisoned her mind into thinking that all Dark Hunters are to bad and they need to be destroyed. Unfortunately, she kills the wrong person...thinking he is a Dark Hunter and sets off the Apocolpse.

William Jessup "Sundown" Brady, was a gunslinger and outlaw. Now that he's found his one true love...Matilda. He's decided to stop all his wicked ways and become a respectable man, so he sells all his guns and goes off to marry Matilda and start a new life. Unfortunatley for Jess, his best friend Bart see's it as his opportunity to kill Jess and take the large bounty on his head. Jess vows that he will have his revenge on Bart and he gives his soul to he's a Dark Hunter.

In present day, Jess has been transfered to Las Vegas. He's been alerted that theres a human leading a band of Daimons, knocking off Dark Hunters. Once he runs into them he's surprised that its Abby. He thought she was dead. And even more confusing than the fact that she's the one leading the that she's trying to kill him and she's got some supernatural strength. He takes her down and wisks her away back to his home, when he finds out that Abby has killed someone she shouldn't have and has started the Apocolpse. Now he had to protect her from some angry Gods from another Pantheon, who wants her dead!

It was really good to be back with the DH crew!! I loved everything about this one. Now there's a new Pantheon in the mix and I loved it. Can't wait to see how all of it will tie into the other things that are going on in this world. Sherrilyn Kenyon is amazing and can do no wrong IMHO!!

If I could give it more I would!! I LOVED it! This one had the essence of previous DH novels! I was quite dissapointed in No Mercy (Dark-Hunter, #19) just didnt have the same feel to me! But Retribution did not dissapoint! All I can say is wish I we coulda found out whats going on with Jaden and with Nick and The Bitch-Goddess....but Im willing to be patient! This contribution left me well satisfied and anxious to find out more about the Guardians and the Native American tie into all of this! Sherrilyn Kenyon has this knack for making you fall in love with the characters. I can honestly say that I fell in love with this series all over again. Had no incling that it was even possible!! GOD....I LOVE The Dark Hunters Series!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Holy crap! I LOOOVE your site!! Awesome layout and FINE artwork. I found you on the group Mistress of Naughty from Goodreads. I grabbed your button *snort*. I'll throw you some traffic, but I'm still pretty new myself.

  2. Thanks so much!! I will stop over ur site!! Im pretty new myself...thanks for the compliment!!


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