Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under The Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!

This week's question:
We've heard a rumor that Ryan Seacrest is using Fifty Shades of Grey as a manual in the bedroom.
What book would you give a guy to study up on?
HeatherJay's answer:
First of all, any reference to Ryan Seacrest and anything sexual grosses me out to no end. Sooooo, after having a silkwood shower, I would probably give him Dreamfever by KMM and tell him that calling me Rainbow Girl  would be in his best interest. Also, the following outfit wouldn't hurt:
VanesMate's answer: Hmmm I would go with Succubi are Forever by Jill Myles...Zane is such a fine Alpha Male! Having an orgasm just from a bite is a recipe for fan-fucking-tastic good time....


  1. Great answers, Lol @ HeatherJay's! Here's my DLS for this week:


  2. Thanks, Vix!!! I'll head over and check yours out.

  3. I keep saying ewww about Ryan Seacrest too!! I mean who cares what he wants to do in the bedroom-- freaking ick! Bite orgasms sounds awesome :D

    My DLS

  4. I didn't get this far in that series, seems like I should be moving it up the TBR


  5. Hi babe. Okay you had me with Alpha Male. Love my Alpha Males. Def. checking out this book. Have a good week.

    My DLS

  6. I put anything by Jill Myles too! Haha! Love her sexy scenes.;)

    Oh and David Gandy can teach me anything!!! As long as he uses his mouth! I love him. No I'm obsessed with him.;)


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